Dinafem HP Flower Q - Quik flowerz?

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I have read lot's of good reports on Dinafem and thinking about growing their fem HP- anyone have experience growing this? Flower time for this and a few other Dinafem strains is 45-50 days, anyone know if this is accurate?

I am going to have a small window of time for next grow, but dont want to grow those autos, so need a quick flower, fem seed. Dinafem HP would fit the bill if it really flowers in 45-50 days.

Any input or advice on alternative fast fem seeds apreciated.




I have grown the Blue Hash (california HP x Blueberry)
Very good weed, fast (60gg flowering) and very easy to grow.
One of my friend have growing Moby Dick...
Is a MONSTER!!!!!
I like Dinafem:icon_dizzy:
Sorry for my english
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