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Aqua Man

Aqua Man

Well, just dropped another 2g's. First try didn't cut it.
2nd day? Tolerance will be a bit higher.

So thought I would share a forst for me tonight since we are on the psychedelic convo...

Starts with a D and ends with a T...

Blast off before you can even exhale. 5 min of slap you into another universe intensity.

Those with a little more personal knowledge of me will probably laugh when I day it was like LSD on crack or shrooms on bath salts (not sure what bath salts are but pretty sure it's worse than crack so going with that)

After 5-10min levels off and more comfortable as you settle in. 10-15min coming down and 30min left thinking Jesus Murphy 🙏 that was intense, spiritual and mind blowing but with the short time frame was not overwhelming. Pretty therapeutic for a first experience but if not experienced in psychedelics may be a but intense at 0.05 for a first go.

1 trip and being so fast I'm not sure I would hold it above the mighty shroom. Something about the extended experience seems more favorable. But the visuals are so intense it's not comparable to shrooms and even much more than acid imo.

I blame Joe Rogan
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