So I’ve been getting a new building up and running and have been taking dissolved oxygen readings of all my successful undercurrent rooms to get an idea of what DO levels I should be shooting for in my new building. I have a Hanna DO meter and I’m getting readings of 89-98 percent in different rooms. Seems to be a range between those numbers and all the rooms are very productive.
I’ve been struggling in new building with weird curled leaves and either a deficiency or toxicity and thought I’d check DO levels.
The new building had DO levels in the system of about 89 percent so I stick another 60 lpm air pump in the system and it brought DO up to 93 percent.
Am I chasing my tail here? What are you guys running your systems at as far as DO saturation?
I think you’re right, I didn’t have a UV filter between my water tank and my building. Also my UV filter before the RO filter failed so I was running unsterilized well water into my systems.
That’s my current theory on what’s going on with the plants. I’m attemting to nurse them back to health with microbe tea. Still having trouble though and I’m not seeing the usual growth I’m used to in undercurrent.