DIY COB LED- Arctic 12 CO Capabilities

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Hey guys
I know most of the DIY LED guys here prefer to use either the Arctic Alpine 11 or the Arctic Alpine 64+, but I did some searching this week and decided to take a risk and fire the gun on Arctics new line of Alpine heat sinks. The Arctic 11s are soon to be discontinued with an updated version, the Alpine 12 and the Alpine 12 CO. As such the Arctic 11 is on its way to be discontinued and is rather expensive in price despite its planned obsolecence.
So I snagged the Arctic 12 CO-Continuous Operation for 12 bucks shipped from SCAMazon just to see what it was like and what LEDs and LED mounts would fit on the newly designed heat sink base. I must admit the new heatsink is very cool looking, but the mounting portion is kinda small. Using a woodworking ruler I was able to guestimate its base mounting platform to be roughly 1.25inches, or 31.75mm in diameter. It seems to be a little bit too small to fit the average LED holder unfortunately.

In any case. Thought I'd leave this here so nobody makes the mistake of ordering the new 12s thinking some chip holders will fit into it., unfortunately as cool looking as they are the shoe just doesnt fit for most COB mounts that I am aware of. But If anyones got a master list on all the various COB sizes used in horticulture perhaps I can parse through it and try to find a mount with a screwbase that will fit within the specs.

Until then I suppose I will be using the one I got as a tent fan.
I will take a picture of the measurement and and post below to help anyone with their COB research purposes.

If anyones got a decent active-cooled COB LED build they DIYed feel free to link it to this page, I'd love to check it out.
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