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As a UK citizen Ice box's would cost me ~$300 each with shipping and tax's which is too much for and air to water heat exchanger like we get in boilers.

So I bought mine 2nd hand off ebay in the UK for $50 for 2.

There's nothing to it, duct fans to the heat exchanger or in my case cable tie fans to the heat exchanger. Pump water through the exchanger and return to reservoir/DTW.

I needed a reducer for my hose fittings to get it to work, both my heat exchangers have 1" hose fittings.

Make sure you use jubilee's!

It worked really, really well I got 100% heat capture with 1 of these using 2 600w bare hps's in a sealed room.

I aborted the water cooling as originally I was going to try and get my pool water to the grow but in the end I grew in the attic. I could have run this straight down the drain as still not on a meter but that would be environmentally a disaster.

The foam is acoustic foam to quieten the fans slightly.

If the water is too cold water condenses on the heat exchanger at the dew point. I would catch this water and run it down the drain (Free dehumidifcation.)

Total cost ~$100 including fittings and fans for 2.
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