DIY RDWC Closet Grow Setup

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my RDWC system I built. I have a funky closet with a "cubby" so I had to get creative on maximizing space.
The cubby is only about 4feet 4 inch tall, 3 feet wide, 4ft deep.

Diy rdwc closet grow setup

Here is the plant reservoir configuration.
The plant is sitting on a 10gal tote with about 3.5 gal of water inside. It's sitting on a 3inch wooden platform to give clearance for the drain. The skinny black tube is the feed line from the feed reservoir. Water gets pumped from the feed reservoir through this line. The thick black tube is the recirculating drain that dumps water back into the feed reservoir.
Diy rdwc closet grow setup 3

Inside the reservoir are 2 air stones and a drain riser to keep the water level where it needs to be:
Diy rdwc closet grow setup 4

Heres the other side of the inside of the plant reservoir showing the water feed line:
Diy rdwc closet grow setup 5
Diy rdwc closet grow setup 6

Here's the inside of the 5 gal feed reservoir. The pump moves water up to the plant reservoir....
Diy rdwc closet grow setup 2

...and comes back down through this drain
Diy rdwc closet grow setup 7

I like this setup because I can easily change or add water without disturbing the plant too much.

If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve this setup, I'm all ears!

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