***DIY***self watering buckets rain water cistern combo ***DIY***

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ok so i need a bucket i dont need to water for one month... dry acrid conditions high heat...

real challenge here...... but i have lurked for a long time and this site's DIY experts are some of the best...

a couple of links to get an idea of it....

notice on page 7-8 how they have the milk jug res. ok now add this on top of res.....

now my ignorance of fluid dynamics ..... so you have them out there 10 days of so with no rain ... then we get a storm 2' inches or so..... ok lets just assume the rain has filled the bottom of the bucket and 2/3 of milk jug/res. ... how do we set this up heeehee hope this makes sence ??:fubar ITS IN MY HEAD!!!
Red Stripe

Red Stripe

So far...17 people have no idea wtf i'm talking about ...hehee


Not sure if this is even what your looking for not sure if your doiing indoors or outdoors, but for outdoors something like this with drippers hooked up, u can even use a car battery and timer to set them to drip feed when ever, now for indoors i got a better idea. Do a 5gal DWC ran into another bucket, 5gal or whatever size u think u need for a whole month of water and it should hold up well.... I'll come back to this when i have more time sorry.

They sell them at walmart in alot of different sizes. These can be used in your backyard or where ever for indoor grows to, since the rain water is so bad ass! :afroweed:I'm doing one outdoor spot where im setting one of these at up on the hill right above where my few sites will be, so packing water wont be a problem at all. Just make sure to hide them really well.



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I don't see it happening unless you automate the nutrient needs too. Nutrients premixed will only last about 10 days max.
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ThCx to all we have something working over here!! I will post when complete..
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