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Green Giant

Ok guys getting closer to finishing my UC set up. Now looking into water chillers.

I was thinking of building my own using my water well.

I have city water that supplies my house but also have a water well, so I was thinking of chilling my UC water with this just as I heated my aquarium water with my hot water heater.

I would use a coil of PEX tubing in the res /epi and flow cold water through the PEX controlled by a ranco temp controler when needed. I would not use a pressure/holding tank , just turn the well pump on and off when needed, this way I think would be easier to control.

This would not be a closed loop system, I would drain it down the drain.

What do you guys think? Will it work?



Well I don't approve drain to waste cooling. Find a use for the water or put it back in a well. Or get a large holding tank and put it up hill and gravity water your yard.

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