DNAs Female KushBerry

wot apnin mothra

just smokin some of my kushberry, now its had a couple week in the jars

straight up lemon/fuel dankness!!
big lung expansion

this is strong shit!!
blows the other strains i had out of the water LOL

make sure you go the whole 9 weeks with these mothra
they will reward you for it

good luck
Thanks Friends !
U All Have me excited

6 for 6 The fun begins and the ToeJam will keep them company. Now that I have moved up after all these years two areas.
The trees will begin;:}
Kudos and Thanks for the Blessings

Here they are Minus one who will be an outdoor girl. I have plans to watch her and a nasty King Kong Vortex play together.

The other KushBerry are in pots to stay until done. They sit next to Two ToeJams. Man I love double potting.

Pure blend Pro
Budswell/ Big Bud
liquid Karma and piranha :boogie:

Thanks for The Great Help of helping me find my way back Staff Bot.

Kushberrys humming right along.
5 of 6. Keeping one outdoors this tear.

Many Blessings
Hey mothra!

Thats a healthy batch of girls you have growin' there...excellent job, it will be fun to watch them grow! I have 2 Kushberry in rapid rooters right now. Good luck with your grow! ptluvr
Thank U for The Blessings !
This whole Kushberry Grow has Hermied i guess is how U spell It.
Have been growing my own herb for 9 yrs and still dont know shhhhiiiit

I have balls and Pistols on all of them and don't want them messing up my others girls.
See Ya kushberry hopefully in someone eles thread.
Kindest Blessings
The End :{


sorry to hear that, mothra... good luck with your future projects..
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