Do any of you use ona gel for odor?

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I am in an apartment with a small tent in the closet in the bedroom. I have a 6" fan with filter on it with passive intake. I try to open the tent as little as possible. The tent would likely only have 2 flowering plants in it at a time. I think the fan with filter would be enough for when the tent is not open but when I open the tent to work on the plants or harvest the plants I want to neutralize the smell in the bedroom and make it to where you do not smell it outside the apartment. With only 2 flowering plants in the tent do you think that is something I need or would the filter be enough for it on there?

If you use ona gel how far away from the tent is ok? I have heard that you do not want the ona gel near the plants but what about a few feet away in the room the tent is in? I do not want to ruin the bud so want to make sure before I try that on there.
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