Do you need to check Coco medium pH when planting?

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Hi guys , so guys i'm going to transfer to coco coir from soil growing. The first and major problem for me when i started growing cannabis was medium pH , after i discovered that my medium was 7.2 pH i got all answers to my questions, about deficiency, overfertilizing and nutrient lockouts. Flushing didnt help me , ph was still the same, so if you have 6.5 pH Soil at the beginning you get 6.5 at the end too and plants are happy and Well grown . That was about 3 years ago and i don't want to make same mistakes

So i am going to transfer to coco coir, with Canna nutrients. Where i live i can get only coco bricks , wash them , buffer with Botanicare calmag+ and mix 20% of perlite

my questions are:

Do i have to buffer it with 5.8 ph solution?
Do i have to check coco medium ph after that?
What if i get 6.5 pH after measuring ?
How to lower pH of medium? It lowers by itself when you water with needed pH solution? Or you have to take care of it at the beginning?


We have excellent results just opening the bags and running with them. on occasion we have gotten bricks when there have been no bags. Lately we get supesacks. Real shortage of coco lately. Got 2 pallets yesterday and was greatful. permits wasn't available for 60 mile radius.
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