Do you think an essential oil diffuser would affect flowering plants?

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I am in a small apartment. I have an essential oil diffuser I user near my apartment door to try to keep the smell from me smoking bud to where you are not able to smell it outside the apartment. The diffuser is by the door and the tent is on the different end of the apartment in the closet in the bedroom like 30-40 feet away with a wall or two between but the ac unit return vent is right near the diffuser so I assume the essential oil is in the air that goes into the intake of the tent.

Do you think the essential oil in the air would affect the flowering plants by making it smell or taste bad or different or do you think the drops of essential oil in the diffuser is not enough to change it? Like if I can smell it in the room the tent is in do you think that would affect the plants? Does anyone else use an essential oil diffuser anywhere near a tent?


The way you describe it, hard to imagine it would make any detectable difference.
FWIW, dry herb vape produces far less stink than combustion, if you are open to that method.
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