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Hello folks,

You know I said Mars Hydro will hold a free light activity in the first month 2020, so here agian, the giveaway. This time, I wanna narrow down the activity to our Mars Hydro growers only. I know here some farmers are not using our light, it's ok, just enjoy here, show your ideas. You know I love the feeling when waking up in the morning and found that you guys moved my thread to several pages.😂

Anyway, back to the topic, here are the details:🥳🥳🥳

- Time: Jan.21th ~ Feb 10th
- How: Post your Mars Hydro growing on this threads, Either picture or video will be fine. But in the picture or videos, please show the lights and plants both. Try to make it more clean and beautiful!
- No limited entries. it means you can share as much as you wish.
- Comment whatever you want, but better tag me @MarsHydroLED
- We will pick 5 most nicely shown pictures or videos and run a poll. (This will be decided by Mars crew directly)
- And we will run a poll and you can give the vote to the ones you like the most (vote time: Feb.11-Feb.13)
- Announcement time the winner: Feb.14, Valentine's Day💕

What winner will get:
- Option 1:

- Option 2:

What we need the winner to help us:
- A separate complete growing journey under mars light(from seed to harvest)

Thanks for everyone's supports to Mars Hydro all the time! Good luck! Love peace and hemp🥰
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Morning @MarsHydroLED Started a new grow under Mars-Haydro at the start of this month. Would that be suitable? 6 plants in a 4X4X8 in veg under TS3000. my first grow, pulled 27 oz of really nice Bubba Kush buds. They are Dense as shit, in 3rd week of cure and the smell, taste and buzz is fire. Let me know if interested in my grow, I should be able to post up some pictures soon for you.


I only have one room to grow in at this time, a tent would be great to veg in and then flower in my current room. Would make things smoother trying to get a consistant crop for meds.
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