Do you want to be a forum moderator?

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Sure why not, I usually try to chime in on new posts requesting advise, if I cant help I at least try to point people in the right direction and offer encouragement. A LSOP would be helpful


I am down to help out any way I can.
I already practically live on here.
Despite being a newer member here, and still actively learning my growing, what better way to moderate a forum than being the guy actually reading literally every single post that comes up on "new posts" tab as they come most of the day 💁😊


A healthy online community is dependent upon dedicated, strong, and fair-minded volunteer moderators who can make new users feel welcome, keep discussions on topic, and work with other moderators and thcfarmer staff to keep this a safe and constructive place for everyone.

We are looking for people who:
  • Are able to dedicate some time throughout the week to perform their moderation duties.
  • Have shown the ability to consistently adhere to Community Guidelines on thcfarmer.
  • Have shown a dedication to the thcfarmer community.
  • Are willing to collaborate with other moderators and with thcfarmer staff to discuss issues that crop up on the forum.
  • Can be trusted to remain objective and not overreach when using their moderator abilities.
If you think this is something you would like to do send me a message ☮
Yes yes yes.


Hey logic, I'm still very fresh when it comes to growing. This is my first grow and I'm still learning everyday. I think for now i'll have to step aside and let someone more experienced do the job. Thank you very much for the opportunity tho. Much Respect!


I’d be in for it. I’m on my first MJ grow, but active and being a moderator likely doesn’t mean MJ whisperer. I’m a Mechanical Engineer by degree and Engineering Design Manager/People Developer by trade and father of 3 under 3. So, patience is a requirement.
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