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High! I'm Animal and I like to grow my own weed to smoke, make hash, and make rosin. Been doing this a very long time flying under the radar 😋
I've gotten away from doing grow journals online but with a new room configuration and the addtion of UV I want to document this for future reference and adjustments

I keep it simple, organic, healthy, and use gear and techniques proven time and time again to work very well for me. My grows are typically drama free with no pests or disease and hopefully not too many brain fart fuck ups along the way. I don't get scientific or anything. Though my room has some really cool and effective tech, at the end of the day it's just basic gardening 101.

This is my Summer '21 grow, started July 10, and I'm about 3 or 4 weeks in.
11 plants total right now. 3 strains all from Greenpoint. There's Sundae Batter fem, Banana Fruit Cake fem, and Texas Butter reg.
My grow footprint is a 4' wide x 9' long x 8' high space inside a 10'x10' room

California Lightworks 550 LEDs w/ spectrum/timer controller
CLW UV on a lightrail mover
Remote Control light winches w/ ratchet rope safety catches
1 gallon airpots for veg
7 gallon solid wall ribbed pots for bloom
Deionized RO water with 24/7 UV sterilization and oxygen infusion in a 55 gallon storage barrel
Digital temp/rh/co2 monitor
Blue Lab truncheon meter
3 drop water pH test kit
Five 7" clip on and one 18" wall mount Air King fans
4" inline air intake with bug & dust filter controlled by a cyclestat timer
Two 6" Can Fan inlines for exhaust
ozone generator in outgoing exhaust
40" ceiling fan
Spartan Day/Night thermostat control
Flame Defender fire suppressor
4'x8' black garden tray
2'x2' black garden tray
vertical germination kit
custom wiring job w/ Titan Control timer & electricity distribution
analog ac
green worklight
couple dozen yoyo plant supports + stakes & garden velcro
shopvac to pick up runoff water sitting in the trays after watering

Roots Greenfields for starting seeds and veg
Roots Lush for bloom

Neptune's Harvest liquid fish and seaweed
Roots Uprising Bloom & Foundation
Roots Trinity
Great White microherds


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View attachment 1152842

water filtering, collection, and room delivery system

View attachment 1152819

indoor water storage tank with aeration and UV filtering. I do a TDS and pH test just to make sure everything is clean but no adjustments are made to pH. If there's is a reading on the TDS meter then it's time for new filters to get that # to zero

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vertical germination. I like my sprouts about 3-4" long and nice and straight for ez insertion. They should all have shed their shells during this period as well

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soils are prewatered and holes bored with the handle end of a garden hand tool

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planted with the head at the surface and hole collapsed around the tap, it's day 1 of the new grow. I don't wait for sprouts to pop their head up since that happens at the time of planting

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3 days later all sprouts are off and running

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View attachment 1152826

shots taken every 2-3 days during these first few weeks

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View attachment 1152838

View attachment 1152839

last pic as of today, 8/2/21 and the lighting program they're getting right now

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And oh yeah...I collect FoxFarm art and other cool art to hang in my g/room 😋

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I'll try to update about every 5-7 days until it goes to cure. Thanks for looking in, feel free to comment or ask anything.
Peace, Love, and Happy Ganja Farming!
That is on hell of an intro brother!!!!🤠 I see you do have a few pretty cool new tricks!!!
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

Wow impressed how the hell did I miss this.

Tons of great knowledge in only 3 pages and 1 post on page 4. Better late than never

Good stuff in here 👍👍👍
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