Dont Talk To The Cops


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Good to hear it from the horses mouth, but not really telling us anything we shouldn't already know.

If you are a farmer, then you should know more than your basic rights. You should expect and be prepared for a visit, and record everything that happens yourself, using pen and paper, video (mobile phone), photos, etc.

I've organised a few illegal partie and had to deal with Police on a number of occasions.

Be polite, be quiet, admit nothing, deny nothing. In UK there is no right of silence, but there is a loophole ("I can't remember!").

Nothing scares the police like a video camera, because they then have to folow every letter of the law, which few of them ever do. It is your best insurance against acquittal. I take one to every party I am involved with, and it is the first thing that comes out when anyone sees or hears a siren!

I have never been prosecuted for a drug or party charge, but have been caught red-handed several times. If you keep breaking the law, you probably will get caught, but if you know what you are doing, you can still keep your record clean.

i love this video, theres one right before it with a law prof giving you reason even he would never ever ever evreevereververveverveevereve talk to a cop, any info you tell that cop who was being "cool to me" cant help you,the info can only be "used against you in a court of law" the law is very literal people, I watch judge judy 3days a day haha
plain and simple.

keep your fucking mawf SHUT.

rule #2 gets NO simpler than THAT.

(rule #1, of course, is we dont talk about fight club)

-cap, out.


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Shut Up and let your lawyer talk, and you will walk! If you are growing and not legal, watch this video every year. It can't hurt.