Doubleds finally gets paid !! mpb bucket system

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Hello farmers

Today is a great day !! For 5 years now i have been perfecting my mpb bucket system and my dwc hi aeration nutrients. I arrived back from the states this morning having sold my bucket system and nute lineup to a major hydroponic company. I know owe 15 appearances at hydro shows but have my cheque for 450,000$ in hand !!!!!!!! I receive 11% of total net profit also once a year.

For all the farmers that thought i was bullshiting about giving all the medicine away to med patients free of charge well....... there was a method to my madness.

Thanks to each and every farmer for there props and support !!

I am off back to the states to supervise the dies that need to be made for the custom buckets but will have a pictorial thread of 5 different med gardens using my system.

many thanks again farmers
Congratulations doubleds! Must feel good having turned your personal bucket system setup into a prosporous business opportunity. Real nice on you giving meds out without searching for profit, feel like karma is giving you a lil something back eyh. Well again, congrats, hope that we'll soon get a nice pictorial demo of your system.

best greetings


congrats - thats awesome! what company is it?
I wishi could pass that info along bro but i am not allowed to disclose anything until its release. Plan is spring 2010.

many thanks all

great news! Hopefully a DVD is on the way. With the results you've put up I'm kinda suprised it took this long. Good luck.
Way to go DDs!!!!! I love it when good things happen to good people....keeps my faith in karma going strong :) (and no doubt a shitload of hard work from you of course)
Wow! that's amazing,,, and that's a ton of cash... You have an awesome system and it could not have happened to a nicer guy:)
Many Congrats to you Doubled's :hi: Awesome to hear..
May it prosper beyond what you could ever imagine..
Or maybe it has.. but either way Go MAN GO!!!!!
Stay high,and be well.. Out on the farm

Tobor the 8th Man

What goes around comes around. Well done and CONGRATS!

To quote the Black Eyed Peas...

Tonight's going to be a good night.
Tonight's gonna be a good night.
Tonight's gonna be a good, good night!

I got my money! PAID!
CONGRATS! Please give us info on the system and if its going to be available in the US or if its commercial applications only. I know you cannot say anything till its public but any info that you can give would be great!

Perhaps a Farmer discount for your new system? Preorders? lol!
well done man. have been following your threads for some time, and have always been inspired. Much deserved success. peace