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First I'd like to thank Midnight Gardener and Texas Kid for the invite to this new site.
Those of you that know me understand I love active forums and if it has the right vibe I can get quite comfortable. I dig the Bong smileys already.

I think most people know of me so I will let you know what I am up to currently instead.
First my book DankThe Quest for the very best Marijuana is at the printers and should be ready by hemp fest. We have a booth this year and will be selling jars and shirts and the Book signed. We will also have free magazine subscriptions from Treating Yourself and Skunk Mag stop by for a rip!

Harry Resin of Delta 9 grew out our Vortex and passed some clones to some growers in Amsterdam and you can now but TGA Bud at Grey Area and Dampkring and thats pretty epic if ya ask me.

Genetically I am working on a few things.

Snodawg time Space Queen my Reply to another breeder is being made now and will be given away for free by the thousands,

We are working with 14 amazing Dannyboy females and a few Males on an f2 project.

We are also slowly learning more about out Cheese cutting and we will be genetically modifying it.

Let me look around do some reading get to know the joint and I will post up some pics and info :)

Good to be here.


Mr B

TGA at dampkring?! I know where I'll be going when I enter Amsterdam!

Nice to see TGA here on the farm... :D


yeah Mr B its Vortex but labeled as Space Queen as the ducth liked that named due to queens day

Grey Area has it named correctly but has the parentage incorrect.
It is Vortex though in many shops now .

Thanks Harry.



Hiya sub, good to see ya here.

subcool said:
We are also slowly learning more about out Cheese cutting and we will be genetically modifying it.
Please elaborate on this, I'm working with the Cheese cut myself to produce S1s as I feel that will be a good way of investgating the genetics of the cut.


Hey Subcool......Welcome to the Farm Bro....Heard lots of good things about your gear Bro....Lookin forward to seeing some eye candy from you....~ogr


hey Sub welcome to the farm .......really good to have u here and really looking forward to read your grow/smoke reports....
Thaks to thcfarmer and all of you guys for bringing together so many skilled grower/breeder to this forum
ciao sv

koopa troopa

hey sub, what up? seems like on bbay, it was hard to talk to you. glad to see you over here where you can mingle with some of the best breeders in this day and age.

just wanted to say extra thanks for JTR. got 3 of them super bushed out, trained to high heaven, waiting to get flowered. i can't even explain the aroma in veg, super stinky. the only other things that reak that bad are NYCD. mmm lemons and grapefruit...


wats up sub, i havnt had a chance to try your strains but damn id like to bc they all look amazing
Texas Kid

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
Welcome to the farm my friend, the like minds are gathering in mass now..



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Welcome to the farm subcool glad you are here looking forward to seeing some of your work.

dna genetics

what it is SUB glad to have you around on the site
and respect!
welcome to the farm:)
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