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Hey Farmers,
Back again with my new setup. This time I ran another Lemon Larry OG, Northern Lights, Bluemoonshine, Sage 13, and a seed I found in a bag a long time ago. They all turned out great and I ended up with about 205g/ sq. m. This DR120 on it's side was a great way for me to obtain more growing space in my limited area. The only way it was possible to put it on it's side and flower in it was to LST all of the girls. This was my first experience with LST and I love it. My nutrients were Roots Organic's Grow and Bloom, along with FoxFarm's Big Bloom (great stuff for taste). In the pictures below you can see the tent on it's side with a 400w HPS above and a 4' 8 tube T5 on it's side to give the under buds a little more light. All the buds were full including the lower ones. I was running a 6" Can-Fan for my exhaust and maintained temps around 80.
I am now in the process of clean up and getting ready for the next round. I have changed a few more things. This time I have added a DR60 on it's side for vegging with two 4' T5's, one is a 2 tube (for clones and seeds) and the other is a 4 tube (for veg). The 6" can-fan that I was using for exhaust on my DR120 was borrowed from a friend and now has been replaced with a 6" HO Can-Fan and also another one for the veg tent. Hopefully by the time I am ready to flower I will have replaced the 400w with a Solar Flare 4' 12 tube T5 VHO with 36,000 more lumens then the 400w HPS. I still plan on having the 4x8 T5 on it's side.
Let me know if you have any suggestions or advice on how to increase my yields. Peace and happy harvests to all.:smiley_joint:
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lookin good man. i like the idea of putting the tent on its side. jw, how much was your total dried weight of that harvest? was it 205? or was the area more then a sq meter. i dunno what kind of price range you have for improvements but you could start using some co2. oh and props on the LST, for being first time it looks great.


Good idea with the tent on its side. I had to go with a DR 90 but totally could have fit a 120 in if I had thought to turn it!!!

For the LST how did you end up with what looks like multiple stems coming out of the soil in the one picture? Did you do some training and then fill the soil back up or are those multiple plants?
Darth Fader

Darth Fader

That might be the best LST I've ever seen. You should put up a tutorial.

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