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Hello hello Farmers:handshake Good to be here with all you folks, and all the many gorgeous photos you post are inspiring... Inspiring me to show mines too... Hope we all can enjoy this as well... Peace blessings and Harmony!:handshake

Here's a few random shots:
Urkle x Mendo Purps
Dublos many flower photo show

Purple Cream
Dublos many flower photo show 2

This cut was given to me by a very prominent breeder/grower/activist in the Mendocino Area and was labled "Kryptonite" but i am thinking it was misslabled and is a Bubba Kush... Very awesome strain, I love It!
Dublos many flower photo show 3

This cut I call Slow Chelo And the never before... It was gifted to me by an 'ol hippe out in Quincy Cali Mountains, a gorgeous Plant and tasty smoke... He had no name for it, and said it had been in his possesion since the early 90's if my memory serves me...:banana:
Dublos many flower photo show 5

Dublos many flower photo show 6

Purple Cream, another lovely lovely girl i like to date, lol
Dublos many flower photo show 8

These I hold dearly to my heart, so please go easy on me, lol, I hope you all approve... Blessings!:afroweed:
Dublos many flower photo show 4
Dublos many flower photo show 7
Dublos many flower photo show 9
Dublos many flower photo show 10


Thanks bro, bless your time... i appreciate your reply bud, and it meks things real worth while when others appreciate my work... Here's some more shots for yas!
Outlaws Bubba Kush x Double Purple Doja
Chemdog D
A few Nancy Botwin's Dancing on my Records:banana:
And Last 2 Chemdog D's again...

Thanks again!
IMG 4210
IMG 3466
IMG 4309
IMG 3417
IMG 3397
IMG 3405
IMG 3404
IMG 3401
IMG 3135
IMG 3134


wow dublo, awesome selection man..nice camera skills too..do you know the lineage of the purple cream? by the bud structure it definitely looks like theres urkle in it, but with a little more sativa..you definitely got some ladies to be proud of keep up the great work


Hi Dublo

You have some nice sellections and pics.It warms my heart to here of the old time genetics still in action like the Slow Chelo.

keep on keep n' on



Nice nugs bro ... I'll be stoppin by for updates !!! keep it up !!!


What's the purple cream all about? Does it taste like urkle? Looks like a nice yielder...


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Nice buds and pics Dublo! And i see you're also a pepe bradock fan, nice record!! :cool0044:


nice show Dublo..top strains and some nice ladyz in ur garden!:party0033:


Beautiful ladies you have there! Great job! Love the coffee cup too :character0103:


Good work mate!

But what is the lineage of Purple Cream? Is a clone-only strain? I'm really interested at it:afroweed:


Hello Greetings..... :handshake

Thank you all for your kind words and replies....

Buzzkill--- you got it bro, anytime....:banana:

seminoleguerilla---- Thanks for your Kind words bro and for stoppin' in, Purple Cream is very similar to Urkle, but still has it's own sure differences... She yields better, and can get bigger quicker... The Flava is very Purple, but also thicker in its aroma, so I think that is why they added the Cream to it... Don't know for sure, and linage is a mystery in my mind and as far as I know she is also known as "Grape", not Grape Ape, Just Grape...

Thanks For stoppin' by Ocannabis, I have been seeing your photos and grows around too, you have mad skill bro, Keep Well healthy and safe...

Irie,----- the Purple Cream dies have an Urkle aroma and flavor but a lot more OMHO... Yet the Urkle is well loved by me so please do not missunderstand me....

WCC--- thank you, and Much respect brother, ya will have some specially dedicated shots on my next pic update just for you bud.... Good meeting ya:handshake

Dark side X--- thank you for droppin in bro, I have had some of these purples for a while now and they will never leave my Mother rooms.... Well they do do leave, but i will never not stock her...

Star Star---- thank you, I really appreciate you, bless your Home and family!

OG Grower 707--- Right on bud, I am diggin your grow too mang, god I can't forget that nugget of Royal you have posted up in your thread, Ill shit bro... Ill shit.... Blessings..

Muxee-- thank you! My mug has had many laid back lowdown daze, and is a mug to remember for all eternity, me and that mug have had our fun... They are all done with love for all the Farmer's here and all who appreciate the plant and it's message of Love and mind expansion..:handshake

Grey SKull--- mah Man.... How's ya doin', i am truly glad you stopped in, anyone not knowins the GreySkull, Got's be recoginizin' a serious grower, cause he's all that... ALl your shit has my Respect brother, your hard work shines through your Garden like the festering light you speak of in your Avatar....:banana:

Jare--- that Purple Cream is no joke, unfortunately it is a Clone Only, it's around if ya look or have access to Cali goods..thanks for ytour kind words, and you are welcome in here with your positivity anyday bud, ONE LOVE, and Much respect...

Peace and Harmony to all of you and you families! DUB


Nice buds and pics Dublo! And i see you're also a pepe bradock fan, nice record!! :cool0044:

Oh no holy Funk!, ya gotta know that pepe bradoc shit.. Nothing Slumps like his 'ol Funk... the deal is ya peeps gotta listen to it for a minute and feel what Pepe has to say with is Music...

I don't think I have ever met anyone who knew who Pepe Bradock is... It's crazy man, he's a genius in his art...

thanks for dropping in and showin the love brother, how so you like Luciano or Ricardo Villalobos???? Cadenze Lavle or Perlon???? SOme lowdown Funk on those lables commin from artists like Pepe and all, Markus Nikolai--- some funk bud, damn i am Ramblin, I haven't had the chance to discuss Bad ass Beats with other Growers or Puffer's, its really a big part of my Life, also is Ableton Live...:boogie::boogie::handshake Good To meet ya bud, blessings and Harmony in your Life is for sure a given! peace!


you can add me to the list of jealous onlookers!

well done, and great show, farmer dublo!!!!!!


Hello Hub, how ya doing? Hope well and staying high bud....

I have some more shot's for my friends here:free-character-smil:rauch08:
First and so on.... ;)

Bubblicious F2
Chemdog D
Bublicious F2 Tops
Querkle (next 5 pics)
Last but but def. not Least "ECSD and MONKEY BALLS is the last shot

For the Fellas and Felletts here at the FARM, Peace!:handshake...Bless!!!
Edit oops: made a mistake lol
IMG 3261

IMG 3095

IMG 3260

IMG 3207

IMG 3196

IMG 3233

IMG 3147

IMG 2914

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