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Hi folks,

My name is Marko and I’m new to this page. I just wanted to share my grow for this year. Hopefully I’ll learn something out of it, and I’m open for all sorts of good advices. It’s not my first grow, but it is the first serious grow compared to ones in the past few years.

It’s spring time here where I am and normally I should have started with germination early April, but it was the coldest April in the last few decades. That’s why I’m running little late but I don’t mind. Unfortunately I have no indoor possibilities to veg them early so they will be strict outdoor from day 1.

Seedbank / Strain : 10x
Dutch Passion - Durban Poison
germinated and planted on May 1st
Germination rate 10/10

Soil: Terra Magma Substral
100l/26.4 gallons per plant

Advanced Nutrients pH perfect
Micro, Grow & Bloom
If anyone worked with this please tell me about your experiences with it

Technique: TOP and LST
As I all ready mentioned, I’ve done some growing already but never used any of growing techniques, so this will be the first time. Plan is to TOP when they reach 5 nodes. LST just to ensure those other branches get enough sunlight to maximise the yield.

I will be making weekly updates with photos starting in a week from today.

Stay safe and Godspeed ;)
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