Early Winter Outdoor Harvest - Frosty Pics!

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Hi Everyone,

So my first late season harvest for 2020 is finished. Had 4 plants going on the side patio that I just chopped last night. These plants were vegged indoors in the tent and moved outside to flower on September 20th. They are hanging upside down in my dark grow tent now. Caterpillars were starting to chew pretty hard so I decided to chop them a bit early to avoid the future bud rot. I love the frost in the night time pics they always come out the best! 😎 👍

More harvest pics to follow soon. Gonna try to get good cured flower closeup shots soon. These are the girls chilling outside I took these pics a few nights ago.

3 Strains shown:
Fire OG
GSC x Platinum Tahoe OG
My Homie John's Cross (Blueberry x gg4 x Crystal Storm OG x Mex Landrace Sativa)



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