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I made a little feed calculator because I was having constant issues when I started using liquid fertilizers only (I was coming from using dry ammendments).

This calculator is fairly simple, it will tell you the expected PPM based on the fertilizers you use and the rate you use them. Its definitely not perfect but I think it works well enough that I am happy to give others access so they can make a copy for their own use.

To use it all you have to do is enter the NPK and mirconutrient percentages for your fertilizer on the "Inputs" sheet. One thing to note is it will auto calculate the elemental potassium and phosphorus percentage based on the values you enter in the P2O5 and K2O rows.

Step 2 is to go back to the "Feed Calculator" sheet and under column D where it says ingredient you enter the name that you enter for your fertilizer and the rate that you are using it.

Its currently configured for my custom MediOne blend so you can see a sample. After using this calculator I found out I was short on calcium and magnesium and I am very close to iron toxicity, ironically a lot of calmag products also include iron.

Note its currently in metric units only however I plan to change that in the future.



Here is a quick example of the problem this calculator solved for me. After doing this work the plants I am growing using this nutrient line up are looking significantly better.

I am using Green Planets Medi One nutrient line up, it calls for the following schedule for late veg
2ml per L Medi One
2ml per L Ocean Magic
2ml per L rezin

I was constantly fighting deficiencies but given that I have experience over fertilizing I was trying not to do so by blindly increasing the feeds.
I input the fertilizers into my calculator and this is what I found.

This is the bloom feed as they recommend


This is my adjusted feed after using the calculator (decimals are because I use a teaspoon measure in gallon jugs)
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