Was wondering if anyone could supply any info, pictures, links or advice heard by mouth about the ecosystem setup. Saw it at the local grow shop and was seriously considering the purchase. Shop owner was saying with 2 1000W Hps's if your good, can pull off 5P and 3P if your novice! It was only $3500 taxes in. Any and all info greatly appreciated. Thankyou!

is that the thing that vertical system.. stay away from it.. its bull.. waste of time and money small babys.. check e bay they are cheap to buy there but stay away from it and grow the normal way
yup .. i dont like erm .. plants are meant to grow up from the ground ... not out from the side.... and also .. the rock wool slabs are designed for horizontal growing .. not vertical ..?
Well they dont grow outwards. The clones in 1 inch cubes are placed in the rockwool blocks on 45 degrees so that they still grow upwards. I understand that plants were ment to grow upwards, but plants were also ment to be grown outdoors under the sun and not under synthetic lights in a basement fed with synthetic nutrients. But thats all irrelivant. But i cant seem to find any info on this setup on the net and none of my skunk mags have articles on it. And its hard to trust a guy that personally owns a hydro store because hes obviously trying to make sales.

Im quite curious whether or not this setup is worth a try. Im not worried about the money. Moneys made , moneys spent, its money never had. But its the time and amount of clones i have to produce that makes me wonder whether or not its worth it.
hey man that system was made up by some kids who took too many lines and said lets sell this shit and make lots if cash.. with no real gro in mind.. now on the point of indoor outdoor.. NASA came up with the idea of lamps and growing indoors for space we just took that info down to earth and used it on the right plants
Needsmeds, tell me what you want to know. I'll do my best to answer it. I was trying my best not to recommend the Ecosystem, but now that I've planted it, it is doing quite well. I was also at the factory that makes them last week in Quebec and watched that process. As you know, the only moving part in this system is the fan and the pump. All other vertical grows break down. These guys actually have a patent on vertical growing (very smart) and just got this system onto the set of Weeds for the entire season. Advanced Nutes in gone and the Ecosystem is in. In fact, they rewrote the script to make the Ecosystem an integral part of the season. Give me a specific question and I'll do my best to answer you honestly.


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I heard you had to use perlite as a medium in it and it was a pain in the a** to clean afterwards...Peace
guys I know are running two 600's in these, the 1000's create to much heat in a confined area. U need to keep a lot of air moving thru it. A design flaw IMO is the cooling tube has no place to attach air duct to pull air from a different room. So any smell or Co2 is going right out the fan. Can be modified but shouldn't have to for $4000.
Having said that experienced guys are pulling 5Lb off them, make sure u pic the right strain. The only advantage too these I see is the small footprint they take up. If you are really tight on space or like to experiment they can be rewarding. There are a lot cheaper easier ways to produce better results.
average grower starting off with one of these should not have a problem getting 2-3 p off of it running 2 six hundreds. Any less than that it is your mistakes not the machine
Yokomoto where can I find that hydro cube? also whats the dimensions, I live in cali and am wonderin if it will fit in a tent.
Any vertical system is pretty easy to copy - I'm doing a DIY Coliseum buildout right now - probably run $1500 all in, but when you build your own system you know how to fix it, as well.

Couldn't imagine buying one of those things and not knowing how it works well enough to maintain it.