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Ed from Delta 9 had a super nice glass pipe at the 420 cup, that was just marvelous to smoke hash and oils in.

He said that he had gotten it from Soma.

Does anyone know where I can get such a piece?
You could probably get one made,
some of the US guys have access to a lot of cool head/glass shops..
im sure someone could get you hooked up

that was one hell of a pipe,
it just felt so right in the hand and larger than normal just how i like a pipe,
i would love to see a pic of that pipe.. and another few tokes!! lol

Mosca Negra

Are you talking about the one with the large marbles on the bowl? I would email Ed or Harry and ask them how to order one or just to take a picture of one for you to have it custom made.

I purchased one from Ed about 7 or 8 years ago and I still have it-- used exclusively for hash! One of a kind bowl...

Delta-9 Labs

Greetings All, When you become a connoisseur as myself you will find yourself having many pipes and smoking apparatus. There were two pipes mentioned in this thread and I will discuss both. Almost all of my pipes come from either personal friends that are glass blowers or through gifts from friends who are in the industry. The pipe with the crystals in it used during the 420 Cup came from my good friend Soma. A friend of his in the US makes them and we are trying to get more so stay in contact. What I like about this pipe is that there is no carb, and the pipe feels very ergonomic. The other pipe that Mosca Negra mentioned comes from HT Cup winner African Ash Glass. I had inspired legendary glass maker Drum Sun to come out with a "flat liner" style. Only a few were made due to struggling with the squarish shape and heavy weight of the glass. Mosca was lucky to get one from me! I will do my best to get more of both of them so that I can share them with you all. I will soon clean the pipe and post a pix.
Take care to All. Ed


Good to know that you are on the case Ed!

I'll keep hassling 'ya until I get one, lol.

See you and Harry at the htcc, me and hazemann-hå will be there with plenty resin to toke in that pipe of yours.
a nice inexpensive pipe for smoking oil specifically would be very welcome here. i end up wasting half of my oil while attempting to smoke it.

any good ideas? i usually put a drop or so on top of a bowl of weed, but it thins out and runs.....making a mess and wasting the oil. i spread some on a paper and roll a joint, but then the joint won't burn evenly. always a hassle........
Heat up a coal for the hookah. The kind that doesn't have lighter fluid in it.the coal is smokeless. place the heated coal on a tile or ashtray. Drop a bit of oil on the coal and enjoy. Use a tube or glass top to oil lamp to suck up the smoke
I hate putting my oil on top of other stuff, if I wanted to smoke weed that's what I'd do! Though is a nice blend sometimes, but is still a pain. It seems I have been looking for years for a really good oil pipe and no luck a few here and there but nothing custom like these. The best I have came up with is the Eclipse Vape(portable), it's pretty good for what it is and the H2O addater for my bubbler is the best(home) of them all, give it a try, ED: any help getting my hands on some custom glass would be great!Thanks!
my cousin sent me some bho he bought in cali. its wax like and gold,, whats the best way to smoke this? i usually vape or use a 1 hitter.. not sure thats good to use for something like this...
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