efficient LED bud for a 6x6 room

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Hello all,
I am new to the forum, but not to indoor Hydroponic farming using LED lighting.. I have been running my hydro system for about 3 years and so far it has gone pretty good. I have learned lots of hard lessons throughout all of my successes and failures and it is time to upgrade lighting.
Three years ago, I knew nothing except that if I used LEDs, it would supposedly keep the heat down more than HPS and be more efficient. I searched and researched and decided to buy 2 - 1200w Vipraspectra and 2 - 900w Vipraspectra LED lights. I have since seen them called "blurple" lights.. During my recent research, it seems that while my lighting system does work... It is not the most efficient and I am not getting near the savings I could if I upgraded to a Quantum Board or a strip build.
I am pretty good with electronics with a minimal amount of direction, so my preference is to build the system myself so I can spend my budget on quality components, rather than an aluminum frame and labor to put everything together and wire it up..
So, I guess I am looking for advice on what is the best system for overall efficiency and initial investment savings for a 6x6 area. I apologize in advance if this information was all given in another post. I looked and could not find it, but that could just be that I didn't look good enough 😁

Here's a bit of info about my set up. If anything else is needed, please feel free to ask..
6x6 grow area in a 6x10 room
4 site RDWC hydroponics system
Room is used for veg and flower

*Would a qb board or strip system be barrer for the 6x6 area? Or is this just more about personal choice??
*If I go with the Qb board, what size is the best all around? I have read really good things about the qb288 V2 and from what I understand, the Chinese knock offs on Amazon use the same parts as the more expensive HLC brand..
*If a strip build is better, what is a good all around strip? will I need.to use 2' and 4' strips for a 6x6 to get full coverage in Veg and flower?
*How many boards or strips or a combination of the two do I need to get good coverage and canopy penetration?
*Is one 240v and one 480v driver sufficient or will I need 2 - 480v meanwell drivers?
* Lastly, is there a preferred pattern that gives the best coverage based on which components are chosen?


I can’t help you but if you know how to figure maximum canopy PPFD when that info is given in a manual and one adds another identical light with same specs I’d sure appreciate advice. The PPFD map for my light says at 18” canopy distance at 100% brightness the PPFD is 830 micro moles/sq meter at center of canopy. I added a second lamp and I’d like to hang at a distance to obtain maximum safe PPFD considering overlapping and additive fields of light. I have both hanging at 24” and 6” apart from each other. I hope I’m not doing a bleach job on plants.


Build a strip light setup. Or buy a bar setup

Hlg has the refurnished eco panel for 499 usd on sale, add a 260 dual watt panel or two for full coverage
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