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Hey I've been looking into building something discreet and small, like a PC, to grow one or two plants in.

Here's an example of what i'm considering:


Now onto the questions!

1. Say I mirrored this set-up in a PC, could I fit two plants inside?

2. How long would veg cycle be (roughly)?

3. How long would flowering cycle be?

4. What kind of yields would i be looking at per plant (roughly)?

Just figuring the logistics of my next setup - anything helps!




My honest opinion is dont do a pc box grow. Ive done a lot of micro grows, and have seen a good friend of mine do a pc grow. You will spend 3 months to get 7 grams or so max. probably closer to 3-5. Its your call, but I would go with a small cabinent or a box grow if you can afford yourself just a tad bit more space. With a box you can still keep it super stealthy depending on what your situation is. Theres no way you would want to do a veg cycle(24hours), your going to want to go straight to 12/12 from seed. Your plant will still have a natural veg period that it will have to go through before it can start flowering, typically 14-17 days. flowering will then take 55-75 days. You could only fit 1 plant max in there and its going to need a good amount of training, lst/supercropping, to help yield and make it fit. An exception to the 12/12 from seed, would be if you got an autoflower and did 18/6 the whole way through, but its personal choice. I personally dont like autos but maybe ive just had bad luck.

Best of luck with your grow will check back to see how its going : )



You can do it, but I think you'd be better off building a small cabinet/grow box. There are some guys here who pull off amazing micro grows that are also efficient. Take a look around bro, and find out what works best for you. People dismantle & setup cabinets, plastic tubs, refrigerators, etc. Ask yourself a few questions:

1. What's your budget?
2. What kind of yield are you wanting?
3. What is the maximum available space you have to grow?

If you're going to do a PC case grow, I'd consider either a SOG setup or just jam a couple of autoflowering beans in there. It's just a matter of work vs. reward. A friend of mine grew in a PC case a few years ago and basically just jammed a bunch of rooted cuts (in plastic dixie cups) into the case and put them under 12/12 from the start. This was of course after giving the rooted cuts a few weeks to recover & grow a little bit. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I believe he had 6 plants in his case at a time and would cycle them out as they finished flowering.

The sky is the limit, just decide what your ultimate goal is.

I'm sorry for replying... I was browsing and didn't realize this post was from October.
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