El cid

So got these Crazy test beans called El Cid,(Hashplant/cheese x morrocan) from the Allstar OG.Here's a pic
These beans went from postbox to shotglass in under an hour:banana1sv6:Let's see what's inside these new beans....Mack
Yo audius and soopy :) Thanks bro's. no doubt, the Kushdee will also be getting germed as well,That strain sounds dank as hell,but the main item of the thread is el Cid, so keep them eyes peeled for some sneaky kushdee shots sneaking in from time to time. Mack.
So last night i put 6 beans in a shot glass,this morning they had all sunk.i planted them in small pots of moist soil(Bulrush multi)so lets see what happens:) mack
Just got back fro Amsterdam:) Baby's doin' ok.
Asg,just missed you at the booth by a couple of hours, next time dude. mack.ps smoked the kushdee,king kong and kaligria @ coffeeshop voyager :)
Just a Quick outline of the grow. Veg under 250w for first 2 -3 weeks, then switch to 2X 600w with a couple of 250's a side light,if needed(as temps allow).Grown in Bulrush muti purp soil with either Gold Label or Metrop nutrients.pH is 6.3


nice mack10. gonna be taggin along in this grow brotha. Im intrested in this strain. Im actually supposed to do a test run of the El Cid for ASG but havent heard anything on that in some time now. Hey mack did u pop those Kushadee's 2??? I really hope i get these after all.
Anyways keep up the good work my friend.