El Perro de otro Planeta de Ojorojo

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Another AlienDog f2

Hermied, found a few nanners, but just picked 'em off as they were too promising to chop because of that. We'll see how it does outdoors. Danky thing, ken? 9 weeks today, not an amber trich on sight yet.


:dance simply amzing phenos to be found in the aliendog f2s. i bet youll be smokin the heck outta that. :dance


This is one of those RedEye's f2 Aliendogs, superb stuff. Put two seeds, got two different phenos in size and bud forming, but similar in flavour, only this one got a stronger aroma. As it's so pungent, i thought first it was what's been described as the "ether pheno", but the more it cures the more pronounced ripe cherry you get, guess it sides towards the Aliens more than the Chems. Just forget walking around with any amount of it, you'd be turning heads as you march and rise comments in close public spaces, as seen in my local post office, supermarket and cafeteria and got the hell out before a cop would come across. That bud. Sorry, bad.
The resin is far too much, break a bud in half and it looks like a goddam geoda. Cut it with 67 days, and glad i did, 'cos the stuff is strong and works fine at the body high, but dark amber trichs could have made it too heavy hitter. It's also good for daytime, if you don't mind walking around in soft cotton with a stupid grin in the face... Keeper for me.
Thanks ya all. Double thanx to RedEye, and those Alien Tech and Chemdawgs people involved, you can be proud of your job.
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