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This is a instruction set for building a basic Electro-Culture device for stimulating plant growth and increasing plant health and over all yield.

The Background Notes:

There are several designs around the net and the one shown here is just one of the methods available for testing and experimenting. We have worked with several designs and came up with a sort of combination of what had already been experimented with, and also it was based on the testing results we achieved through years of trial and error experiments with different design concepts. Even though this technology has been around the AG scene for many years, very few have actually taken the time to perform the experiments and come to an understanding of how and why this method works.

The basic concept broken down into its most simplified of terms is to "create a flow of electrons to certain areas of the plants, i.e. - Root systems, and stem and branch systems (nodes).

What we are doing here is built off of this same concept but a little different as we are using a negative ion generator. I have stolen a jpeg off the net (the 2nd picture) from a similar design using a battery. Please keep in mind that this is ONLY to show a basic illustration of how the physical connection are made. We will not really be using a battery as shown in the picture.

Please do not expect miracles over night. At one time I thought we knew enough to begin selling hardware and providing consultation on how to do it. About the 2nd or 3rd install job we got we could not get results no matter what we tried or adjusted. Everything was installed and working properly it just did not provide any extra vigor or plant growth or health improvements. After weeks of trouble shooting we found the issue. The environment which was a renovated basement area had very poor and old wiring and the house was not even grounded at all. There were magnetic field fluctuations from voltage leaks that were very strong in fact enough to make a person vomit and pass out that is sensitive to magnetic fields. Just thought I should mention this.

I will have to retype all the instructions as most of the data is a hand written format and time is limited. This will be a work in progress so to speak so please bare with me....

The first picture shows the basic parts list needed. Everything except the power source which can be just about any 9 to 12 volt adapter. The power source will be detailed in a second post.

The parts needed are:

Some thin copper wire
Some thin copper plates
Negative ION Generator

What we will work with here is a cheap negative ION generator that is in most "Ionizing" type units found on the markets. The cost is around 5 dollars each retail.

This one shown in the picture is made by Seawise Ind'l LTD.
The model number is SW750
120VAC-7.5KV 60HZ

Some background information about the ION Generator SW750 and its other uses/functions;

A safe and effective ion generator using the SW750 supply is to attenuate the 7500V down to about 2200V and connect the HV to a copper Brillo scrub pad from any grocery store. First wash any soap etc out of the copper scrub pad. Place the Brillo pad in front of a fan or better yet put the pad in a hose and force air through the hose. If the end of the hose is filled with drinking straws, the emerging air will be quiet and highly directional, and can be directed to the face or head area at night for a good lung cleaning.

Rules for SAFETY- Negative ionizers should not exceed about 2200V in order to avoid ozone which is a poison!!!!!

First Picture- SW750 - Copper wire - PCB Board (SB750PCB)

Second Picture - A basic drawing of what the physical connection might look like - FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY!!

To be continued......
Electro culture diy
Electro schematic


I should also mention that this is for advanced growers with experience. If you are a novice just starting out, you need to FIRST grasp the basic concepts of growing practicing KISS. Cant stress that enough!

If on the other hand you are a seasoned pro and care giver, then these methods and technologies could be exactly what you are looking for to take your game to that "next level" seemingly un-reachable excellence. Everything described is backed by hard science and the information IS out there. Filtering out all the BS and skeptics with no experience is almost impossible.


I was a total skeptic until you posted side-by-side results showing what's possible. Now this technology is all I can think about.

Posting your results in this thread will definitely spark tons of interest and possibly kick off a revolution.

You're doing a huge favor by sharing what you know, thanks for taking time out of your day to share.


This is all new to me. What is this field? How does it help growth? How much does it help? Since you've mentioned that you've been working with this for awhile, can you say that it improves growth, yields or quality- or all the above? I'd be very appreciative of some understanding of the basics, maybe a link to information you find reputable?


Well I guess I need to thank you for no sleep... I can't get this stuff off my mind.. I'm with Rollin, I've been reading anything and everything I can and I'm still trying to get it. I don't mind rolling around on my skateboard flickin a bic trying to see some light.. I know eventually I'll start something on fire and light things up.. ;)
I have been all over this topic since Hogan dropped it in a thread in the UC section, something was telling me this is something big I really need to know. Your side by side has me all excited like a puppy dog with two peters... I want to thank you for taking the time to not only break the subject matter down for us but also taking the time to explain step by step.. I'll be reading up and gathering my questions, I'm sure... Thanks again..


This did kind of jump around from several different topics/methods in the other threads. Lets recap our main goals heres as maybe this will help.

We talked about treating water with ozone generators in another thread to sterilize the water and kill pathogens in the water so the water could then be used as needed in a hydroponic system. The idea is to prep and treat the water that is going to be used for your system.

We can come back to the Redox Potential topics in a separate thread to avoid confusion.

We also talked about using a filter that has magnetic arrays to "treat" the water to improve its use for plant growth and health.

The main goals here is to "treat" the water your using in your systems to help improve plant growth, and plant health. The main thing to grasp is that this is considered "prevention". In other words we want the water that enters our hydroponic systems to be the BEST possible water on the planet! Other than the nutrients we add we want this water to be pathogen free and contain specially "treated" or "arranged" sets of water molecules that benefit plant growth and health.

To get the water molecules to contain the correct information and be in the proper "shape" and "size" and "configuration" we "treat" the water with a magnetic field to "clear" it, then we "program" it and then finally we "charge" it.

It is important to understand how these methods work together. A typical flow chart of water would be something like this;

The water comes in from a tap water line and enters a 6 stage RO filter which takes the water to 0PPM and 7.0pH. It is then passed through a inline UV filter and then flows into a storage tank that is temp controlled. In this storage tank it is treated with a ozone generator for the proper amount of time. The water is now ready to travel to the top off tank and then fed into the EPI module of the hydroponic system for use. On its way to the top off tank it passes through a magnetic filter to "clear" the water of any previous memory. It then passes through a inline filter container golf ball size spheres that are not perfectly round but have "sides" containing geometric shapes to "program" the water. Then it passes through the Rodin coil where it gets "zapped" with a certain set frequency to "charge" the water. The water is now ready for use and the addition of any nutrients.

Now in ADDITION to the water treatment methods described above, we also use a form of "Electro-Culture" which is what we are starting with now in this thread. The reason I thought this is a good place to start is because it is easy and does not require an investment of much other than your time to set up a test and see for yourself the benefits. THEN we can move on to the topics of ozone water treatment, magnetic filters, Frequency/Sound Techs, ect.....

This Electro-Culture device I am posting a DIY for is a separate device that can be used to stimulate plant growth and health and should not be confused with the "Water Treatment" methods or technologies.

I hope that will help put us all on the same page moving forward.


Now it all makes sense and seems simple with the process explained. Thanks!

The Electro-Culture device seems pretty easy to build thus far. I'm guessing a step-by-step on how to put it together will be your next post?


Yes Paulycali - the basic principles and concepts are the same.

Yes sir Rollin, working on it now, I got some terrible hand writing .....

Also putting together a list of books and web links to resources that describe experiments, ect..


wow, cool writeup man. have read about electro-culture, but am pretty dubious of it. would like to see those side by side results of yours.


WOW! this is state of the art, alien like technology :confused: I know I'm gonna spent hours trying to understand this...
Excellent information, you opened my mind to a whole new level of agronomy


Yes sir Rollin, that would be the animal. I was actually looking for that exact website so thanks for that! That includes the needed PCB Board as well! I would suggest getting 2 of them. One to setup and monitor, and the second one to experiment with.

As far as how much you need of wire will depend on how far away the generator is located from the plant in relation to a 110v power source.

I should have some time later today to at least get all the links up and other reference material for study.

I am going to start with some really boring safety issues and a general description of the ION Generator, we are dealing with something that acts as a "ladder" to stage voltage in higher or lower steps. Please note that the description may include irrelevant data as the ION Generator has several uses and different applications.

The MOST important one is this and I already mentioned it once:

Negative type ionizers (Generators) should NOT exceed over 2200V in order to avoid ozone production which is a poison.

You are going to need to be able to measure voltage accurately meaning you will need a volt meter. A good volt meter is a MUST!

Below is a brief description of this ION Generator.

The model SW750 ION Generator unit is a voltage-multiplier HV power supply. The unit will first rectify a DC voltage from the AC power line, at either a voltage of 170VDC or 340VDC.

The oscillator creates a pulsating waveform from this incoming amplitude, which is dependent on the input voltage and this is in accordance to UL standards for lack of a better term to use there..

This "pulsating waveform" can be coupled by a transformer, but that is optional for the most part, especially for the application we intend to use it for. The "pulsating waveform" is then applied to what is called the "voltage multiplier", and in essence this is a capacitor ladder, or sometimes called a "rectifier ladder".

This VM (Voltage Multiplier) has the function of amping up the voltage or increasing the voltage by using a method called "stacking" which increases the pulsating voltage. Each stage of the ladder can increase the output voltage by 340V, so to get to 7500V, you need around 20 stages.

There are basically 2 types of "waveform" (7500 volt) outputs and one is called a "pulsating" output waveform, and the 2nd is a very smooth output waveform. To get the smooth waveform output you can use a capacitor as a filter. When using a capacitor as a filter, you increase the effectiveness of the "ION-Current" by maintaining a very smooth and non-pulsating voltage.

More on this as we get further along with the building instructions. It will also be covered in detail in some of the reference links.

If anyone has questions please feel free to ask away. It is not really important that you understand the "how" or "why" so much at this point so please do not be put off by all the technical material covered. I just need to cover this material for safety and completeness.

You really do not even need soldering skills as the devices can be built using basic wire strippers and wire nuts.

I am very excited to see there are some folks interested in this...:) Thank you for all the kind and helpful comments!


Is this the ion generator and PCB both for $4? http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/prodinfo.asp?number=G1783


ROFL!! Thats the second time you made me spit shit on my keyboard.......dude! I guess I cant have anything to drink when reading your post......jeez!

This is a little off topic for this thread but it does directly relate to treated or charged water which is where this thread is headed eventually, but I have been working on a "additive" I guess you could call it. I have tweaked the method for making this stuff for almost 2 years now. I also use the "special" water to make it. It takes about 9 weeks to make a batch.

We use the specially prepared water that runs through a 6 stage system for "treatment". I am using a sound technology on the water to create a "imprint" which is one of the 6 stages.

The "special" water is then used in the process to make the additive. The additive only contains trace amounts of magnesium and calcium and VERY little is needed and only 2 applications is needed (one in veg and one in flower). If you were using it on a tree once a year would be sufficient. The main ingredient is dead sea salts, minerals and water.

The processes used to make this solution is based on Alchemy. We have seen some amazing results to say the least. It is non-toxic and totally safe for both plant and HUMAN consumption. I will post up some pictures later to show some results from some field testing that was done.

If I told you guys what this stuff is capable of I doubt you would believe me. So instead of doing that I was thinking about offering a few free samples out for some of you to try and see for yourself first hand. I cant think of better proof than that. I have no intentions of ever really selling this additive I dont think and its use and discovery is for research purposes only. I think it demonstrates the power of "Charged" or "Structured" water very nicely.


Below is a copy and paste of a AG study that was done.

Electroculture of tomato plants in a commercial hydroponics greenhouse

Frank M. Yamaguchi and Albert P. Krueger


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of air ion treatment on tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum P. Miller) in terms of: (1) growth and health; (2) fruit yield and quality; and (3) economic factors. The plants were grown by a commercial greenhouse (G.H.) grower employing soilless culture techniques. An air ion generator and emitters were installed in such fashion that 864 plants were exposed to a high negative air ion density flux, while 576 plants grew in an area which received relatively few ions. Normal operational procedures, with certain modifications, were employed for plant culture, feed/irrigation, and environmental control.

Plants responded vigouously to air ion stimulation, which equated to shortening of the seeding-to-harvest time period by two weeks as measured by vine growth, main stem height, time to blossoming, fruit set, and fruit yield. Throughout the first four-month growth period plant growth was good and no serious physiological disorders nor insect damage were observed. During the sixth harvest week a virus infection appeared in both control and ion-treated plants, but was not of sufficient severity to ruin the experiment. Foliage and fruit samples were subjected to laboratory analyses.

In general, the stimulated plants contained higher percentages of mineral elements than those of the controls. Fruit from ion-treated plants has more ascorbic and citric acid than that from control plants. Although there were no wide differences in fruit texture or flavor, a taste panel verdict indicated that fruit from the stimulated plants tasted better.

An unexpected benefit was marked decrease in white fly infestation. All these factors combined with the low cost of air-ion treatment suggest that this modality offers potential for greenhouse cultivation of garden crops.


Here is a experiment done treating the seeds with "Electro-Culture" before planting them......yes, ou can greatly improve germination rates as well as boost plant growth and health before the plant even comes out of the seed!

Copy & Paste:

Science & Tech

Desription; Electricity to induce plant growth -

THIN GLASS slabs (12x15 cm) were glued together and provisions were made for electrical connections. Platinum wires were made to run beneath the tank between the glass slabs. The circuit was completed by adding water to the tank.

It is a new method of pretreatment of legume seeds. The legumes such as green gram and pea seeds were selected for the experiment due to its fast growth (know any other plants that grow fast?) and also its economic value. About 100 seeds were presoaked in water for 24 hours to soften the cells. They were then placed in the tank containing water. The cathode and anode were then connected. 240V alternate current was converted to 27V direct current and the final treatment was 10m Amp current for 1 hour.

The seeds were then removed and tested for germination in soil. A control of non-treated seeds was placed simultaneously. The results found were interesting. Electrically treated seeds showed 100 per cent germination where as in control 95 per cent was observed. Further the amount of growth was 3 times as much as the control was. When tested for disease resistance, the treated seeds showed higher resistance. In treated seeds maximum root (5 cm) and shoot length (9 cm) was observed than in control room (2 cm) and shoot (2 cm) after 10 days of germination.


P.Shanmughavel & K. Francis

Department of Botany

Bharathiar University

Coimbatore 641 046


Here are some really good link to several plans and methods of Electro-Culture to help become familiar with the different techniques used and demonstrated. Electro-Culture dates back to 1935 and possibly earlier (2nd link).



This link below shows all the different patents for different electro-culture devices which is where all our main beginning information came from or a good "starting point" I guess you could say.


We have also followed the work and experiments done by a guy named Jason Verbelli and a few other folks who have been doing some amazing research in several areas one of which is water treatment using magnetic arrays, vortex and geometric methods, and rodin coils. He has many videos on youtube and around the net.

More important and related reasearch links;


Twin Opposing Vortexes:

Dan Winter's Imploder:

Clayton Nolte;

Electric Universe Model (EUM);


This youtube video below is a little off topic but I wanted to mention it. This guy is trying to produce more output of voltage to run his grow lights than he is putting in. This could be ground breaking as it would allow people to run big lights on very little voltage/amperage.

Please note that some of the research is not directly related to our goals here but it is important and mentioned because it is what the basic concepts are derived from in most cases.

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