emerald triangle, another kush thread lol

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hi i have one emerald trianle grpefruit krush (grapfruit x bubba)

i was hoping some one has some more info other than the own description on any of there strains and if possible about this particular strain or her parents.

my one is 3 wks into 12/12 and i will post some pics soon, she has started to smell lemon pine, sweet and peppery. thats about all the info i have



whats up .... i gota cou[le going right now about to chop after about 70 days.. was a attitude seeds ufo right. its just average stuff,smelledmore like carpet glue,and sweet pepper,i would not buy this ,.. the emerald jack , thatsa different story but a 11 weeker .

Burned Haze

ET seems to be hitting right on the nail, Growing their Bubba 76 right now and seems to be fairly vigorous

Will report back when I actually have buds, lolz

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