Emerald Triangle Seeds Competition # 1

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Emerald Triangle Seeds
Hi Dab1 here :)

We wanted to run a competition for you farmers! As the season is coming right around the corner we thought it would be good to let you guys try some sick new lines.

We will pick ten growers who are able to grow one 10 pack (10 seeds) of "Bubba76" and "Emerald Jack" each (20 seeds in total).

How to participate in the competition (Thank you and BIG up Hortilab crew for the template):

check Hortilab here: https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/forums/hortilab.130/

-Must be a member of the site for at least 3 months
-Must have at least 50 posts
-Must have 1 complete grow logs on the site
-Must be able to use seeds right away
-Must have a digital camera

How to win the Competition:

Out of all the resulting grow reports posted in our forum, we will select the 3 most beautiful "bud" pics.

The winners will receive:

1st place 12pack (reg) of The entire catalog (12 x 13)
2nd place 06pack (reg) of The entire catalog (6 x 13)
3rd place 03pack (reg) of The entire catalog (3 x 13)


Please submit your applications now and include details of your room/setup in this thread. We will announce the chosen growers on 4/20/2012 .

Thank you and good luck! :)


Sounds awesome...I would love to have a chance to participate but unfortunately I just became a registered member to THCFarmer and dont have the time/postcount you need. If you run short on participants let me know...I've been growing indoors for 10+ years and have a very nice setup. Good luck to everyone...the prizes are badass.
Darth Fader

Darth Fader

Killer. You guys are putting out some tasty & unique genetics. Being a seed junkie, I'll gladly and humbly toss my hat in the ring. My last journal is linked in my sig.


put me down , i'll grow 'em outside.. send 'em quick, the outdoor season is starting .
here's some shots from last years thread
ill put them into rich farmland soil, amend as needed, seems to work, have a nice safe place for them to grow out.
here the link to last years grow https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/jackberry-in-the-prairie.33591/


Unknown farmer
i would love a chance to play.. i would axe some of the girls i have now. been around the farm for over a year. my last grow log was (the new 2000watt grow).


Interested in participating.
CEA Flower Room specs.
18k window ac
4 - 1000 watt mh andhps.
4- 4x4 trays
Sentinel chc-1 c02 controller w cap dual regulator + 2 -20lb tanks.
2- 6" inline fans for hoods
1- 6" fan w carbon filter for emergency exhuast (or removing sulphur)
1 - 8" fan w carbon filter as room scrubber.
2 - 60 gallon res
50 pint de-humidifier
Dig irrigation controller
2 1800 gph mag drive pumps for irrigation.
2-40 gallon botanicare res + 1 100 gallon under trays for waste.
4- 360gph pump for removing waste water/nutes
assorted osc and box fans





Links to grows,current grow in sig
Kush Time
1st Coco Grow


I'm in if you'll have me. Large sized, perpetual, dual spectrum throughout, 3 - 5 gallon containers>> coco cut 50/50>>> running synthetics and organics. Just sent to flower Lost Coast OG, Cherry OG, Cali Wildfire. I have met a few folks that LOVE the cherry og. Just got a random EJ clone, but would love to bust some beans:D any way my emerald triangle plants live one tray over from this one. Pictured is a BIG Romulan cross preparing to flower.
No grow logs available on the farm. Most of my contributions have been photography (gone with format switch) and journals on grow related topics. Been running Em. Triangle logs elswhere...


Great prizes Emerald TEAM!

makin it rain on the farm LOL


Premium Member
Yo Altimood i love that NL5 you have rocking in the solo....all by it lonesome.

But seriously this guy ^^ kills it and id like to see what he can do with these Emerald T genetics.....throw him some beans.
Tiger Brandz

Tiger Brandz

Hi Dab1

This competition sounds awesome!!! really cool idea!

I would love to enter! I`m a pretty new member to this site, but will be 3 months here in 3 days time. I`ve been growing for 10+ years, not constantly but more than half of the time... I have experience with indoor, outdoor and greenhouse.

I`ve just completed (except for smoke report and dried nug shots- will be done in the next 2 weeks) my first grow journal on this site. I`m testing Hindu Blue for Pisces Genetics. They were freebies given to my mate, and he asked me to run them. They turned out to be super dankness. This thread is under Pisces Genetics: Hindu Blue testgrow...

Here are some of my favourite pics of the testgrow:

This one was taken day 46:
HB no6.jpg

This is the same bud, 2 weeks latr (day 55):




My room size is about 3 x 5 meters. I`m using 3 x 600w and 7 x 400w in the flower room. Using the 400`s as they are the most readily and cheapest available where i live.
I have a built-in ac, 18000 BTU- keeping temps where i want them, no matter what outside temps do.
I have one 250cm inline fan bringing in more than enough fresh air constantly. Not using any CO2.
I have space= will at least be able to spare 2 x 400`s for the comp, or whatever u would prefer.

Also i`ll b able to start immediately, as soon as i get them beans in the mail (if im chesen of coarse). and as u can c i have a digital cam... not the best but works just fine

I use a soilless medium of peat, perlite, vermic, and wormcastings- planted in planting bags. I use a combination of organic and synthetic ferts for all of the major elements. Micro elements i feed only organic. I create an environment for the microbes in the soil, then boost a little with the synthetics. Getting killer results like this...

Im in the southern hemisphere, about 40 degrees south in the Motherland. Maybe it will be cool to c how your genes perform down here?

Thanks ET for this comp! will be SUPER STOKED if get chosen for this!!!!

Peace farmers


whats up emerald triangle? i am always interested in some fire. i meet all reqiurements as posted.
room specs;
8'x12' room
seperate veg room for clones/moms
organic soil/compost
organic nutes/mollasses/sea kelp/organics choice/and act
no Co2 all natural
two 600 watt switchable ballasts
2-3 gallon root pouches
i have two or three logs on here as well
i would be able to rock anythiing you send asap,thanks in advance for any chance i have to rock some of your fresh gear peacentreez 42o.



Thanks for the chance guys!

I currently have two flower rooms

flower room specs:
  1. (newly remodeled) Approximately 20 x 10 - 8kw mixed spectrum - air cooled hoods. Intake/Exhaust system. 7-10 gallon nursery pots and smart pots of soil
  2. Approximately 20 x 30 - 20kw mixed spectrum - air cooled hoods. Sealed. 5-10 gallon nursery pots and smart pots.
Grown faithfully to organic standards. Age Old nutrients, and lots of microbiological activity. Some Roots Organics soil, some Sunshine #4 advanced, some local mix I'm trying.

Canon 7D SLR
Complete grow log HERE
Current grow log underway

Plenty of room to start immediately
Thanks, and happy searching!


some good growers inhere already, i'm also avalible and love a test grow, let me no if there any room left. ps done tests for ASG, jimmynitz,sannie, etc. Mack
ditto that ,whats up friends and farmers alike, best of luck to all. 42o


while this is a great thing you guys are doing but as a small farmer (unfriendly territory) It is not possible for me to pop 20 beans at once. I am a genetic addict and buy more beans than i can pop all the time...... maybe one day you will run something for the little guys but nice of you guys none the less. peace soser
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