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i decided to give you all the run down on the best enail and why. now enails have been around for a good 7 years as a easy to find item and common among all real connoisseur who wants to taste all their terpenes (flavor and scent molecules) click here for more info on terpenes. i mean even if you grow your own it takes work, so nothing in life is free. whether you grow your own dank or buy your live resin from a dispensary one thing we can all agree on is we want the best flavor and the most active % of THC/CBD. Torches have the ability to reach temperatures upwards of 2,610 °F Click here for info on torches. As i have researched.... some terpenes can evaporate at warm room temp so getting your dab anywhere close to a freshly heated titanium or quartz nail seems to evaporate most of the terpenes before getting to my nail and in my lungs. waiting to time it right becomes a pain and uses a temp gun all the time is a joke. if you think your dabs taste good with a torch then imagine what the dankness would taste like when a low constant temp is achieved as compared to a lame torch that once your oil hits it starts coiling and does not gently heat back up..... it cools and pools if you timed it wrong and you got to take the torch back to it only the second time it tastes crappy. why waste anything ? why suffer ? dont we all suffer enough in some way or another?? time to put down your cave man gear (the torch) and buy an enail for dabbing! not all enails are created equal thats for sure.

when you buy anything from America you are paying for the customer support and good craftsmanship you expect to get taken care of if any problem or defect may come up.

if you buy from China you just plain dumb! your hurting our country (USA, Canada, etc) and your buying cheap clones! google china iphone clone and check out what you see! click here for that info. you will then see that the Chinese can copy anything, so if they can clone a complicated phone like an iphone what makes you think they cant immitate the looks of USA made enials ? dont ever judge a book by its cover! plus if you do have issues you have to send it back to china, i had a vape mod break down, it took 11 days to get to their border, then chinese customs snagged it and held it for 4 months they finally got it fixed it and wanted me to pay to ship it back to me! 4 months to find out i have to pay to ship it top china $27.70 and i have to pay another 27.70 to ship it back to me from china. the mod was $60 with free shipping. now 4 months later i gave up, i mean paying 80% of the purchase price to ship it to china and then back to me, forget that! i called my credit card company and they told me its been over 90 days they cannot do a refund sorry! lesson learned never buy from china. but do your research about companies and look for bad reviews, good support, and quality builds!

if compiled a short list of a few major brands out there:

  • pufftuff = no support at all when my friend called it was some marketing agency/ enail company kinda scares me to spend money with a company that cant afford separate numbers
  • High 5 has service, just not the best service and their enail broke on my girl 2 times in one year even though it was fixed it took a long time and it was an inconvenience 2x in a year.
  • mini nail (my friend opened up case)= $$ rip off great quality, ok service, closes early (during most peoples working hours)
  • 710 Life enail (I opened up case) = great price, great quality, great service long hours (open late)

my friend took apart his mini nail, i took apart my 710 Life enail and they both had the same parts, high quality connectors and soldier was used with heat shrink as well really both are well made.
710 Life enail cost $169

mini nail cost $400+ which is not a reasonable price when you can get the 710 Life enail for $169 you can literally buy 2x 710 Life enails and still have money for a good amount of Dabs...

now my friend who bought the Puff tuff..... its dead so he bought a 710 Life enail end of that story

my friend who bought the mini nail wishes he bought the 710 Life they both have lasted for a very very long time but why pay 2.5X the price for the same quality. plus mini nail name is weak to me. 710 is all about OIL and 710 Life kinda has a better name. not to mention the 710 Life enail has won a HIGH TIMES cannabis cup best product award!! The mini nail aint got one of those as a matter of fact they have no awards!

i went to their site today and after 3 years these guys have blown up, they only sold an enail when i bought it from them, they have over 72 products now! and the enail i chose won a cannabis cup which makes me feel really good, smart like a made an informed decision and a little instinct and made a perfect buy

you can read their post on their cannabis cup win here

you can read High Times post on the 710 Life Cannabis cup win here

heres a screenshot of their site
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thanks 710 Life for making my experience this good
i literally found an article about 710 Life here on the Farm years ago after seeing these guys at a High Times event. i didn't bring the money to the show, so i was kind of glad. It gave me time to go home and make a buy with more information. so i googled them and some article on the Farm popped up, after seeing them and researching them i felt confident in my purchase. it got me to buy one 2 years and i have no complaints at all. ive dropped mine countless times and other than the scratches i caused it works perfectly everytime.
Just wanted to send a shout out to Dankorene THANKS!! im glad i heard you had it for a bit. i picked up the enail the day i read this post! I got my 710 Life enail directly from their website 420Life.com, they had several colors but i seen a limited edition Nintendo Mario print, im a Mario fiend from 1988, now i can dab with my favorite all time character and play his games

shot a few flicks to post check this baby out!
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Burned Haze

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I love my 710

Would never use torch again. This device can make your temp ultra quick (60-90 seconds.. prolly same amount of time you wait after you torch and wait for it to not be too “hot “)

With a electric torch, you have control to not over do it and the biggest plus!...... NO BUTUNE !