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The Guano company budswell tea(yellow label liquid tea)! This stuff is amazing with enhancing flavor and resin to buds! It works very fast, it will not burn and you can use it every watering!

Jalisco Kid

Different K's will play with the teripinoids which will change the spikes of naturally occuring flavors. Why add fruit juices,sandalwood oil,molasses,etc unless you were stuck with some Iowa dirt weed for genetics.
I used some DAP last run which made my BP go from a chocolate hash/coffee flavor to one of a chem/diesel. I did not care for the change but the patient/shop did. Suerte JK


Look up Sucanat.....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sucanat I am no pro or anything but I ran the same strain with and without and the one with has a more pronounced flavor and smell... not changed just enhanced a lot. That was with 1Tbs per gallon a couple of times, I will be using it more frequent on this next run. Oh and you just soak it in some water, way easier to deal with then molasses.
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