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Whats up Farm? Thought I would post some pics of some Emerald Triangle gear im currently running. Last year when they had their first drop at Attitude I picked up 4 strains. I was excited to get my hands on some of these crosses. I got Regular packs of Grapefruit Krush and Royal Purple Kush...I also got Feminized 5 packs of Bubba 76 and Super Sour OG. I didnt have any luck at all with the Fem seeds. Almost every plant I had from the feminized seeds had hermie issues at some point in flower and ended up being culled. My grow is completely dialed in and and all of the strains were healthy when they hermied. No environmental or shock issues so Im not really sure what happened. The only negatives I have had from ET's gear have been from feminized seeds so needless to say I wont be buying any fem seeds from them in the future. After doing some research I found out they outsource their Fem breeding program somewhere in Europe. Anyways...just felt like I needed to give an honest opinion on my experience with the feminized gear. Now to the positives.
The keeper's I ended up getting from my Regular packs of Grapefruit Krush and Royal Purple Kush were DANK. 100% Topshelf Medical quality all the way. I ended up getting 4 Females of GFK with 3 Phenotypes. 2 of the phenos were very similar in size, structure and appearance however they had different smells and tastes.
Pheno #1 has more of a pineapple/grapefruit/earthy smell and taste with a very balanced indica/sativa high. Harvested at 65 days.
Pheno #2 is more Grapefruit smell and taste with a slightly more Sativa type High, very energetic and uplifting. Harvested at 72 days.
Pheno #3 is a very Indica Bubba Kush leaning pheno with a knockout couchlock type buzz. Mine was finished at 56 days but I ended up taking it to 63 days.
I ran each phenotype for 3 flowering runs and ended up selecting #1 and #3 as keepers.
The Royal Purple Kush gave me 3 females with 2 main phenotypes. I ended up running each pheno twice to make my selection on a keeper. The keeper I got is very Indica in structure and high. Visual appeal is excellent with high resin content and slight purpling. This strain is very potent, when it hits you almost immediatly you need to sit down. Finishes between 60-65 days.
Overall my first experience with Emerald Triangle Seeds was positive. My Medical patients and I absolutely love these strains! I was dissapointed about the hermie issues with the fem seeds, but the keepers I got from the regular strains outweighs the negatives and loss I took on the fems. I will buy from them again and look forward to running more strains. Keep up the good work Emerald Triangle!
On to the Pics!


looking good bro, the Grapefruit Krush and Royal Purple Kush sound and look all good.

shame about the hermies on the fems though. i think they should of stated in the description that they didn't make the fem seeds themselves. as i also only found out after buying them that they where made by a third party in europe. hope i have more luck with mine.


Emerald Triangle Seeds
very nice pics :) please email me them on [email protected] and also include your mailing address as i will gladly send you some freebies to try out!! Im sorry about the fems, but your right...we breed the regs only. I still would like to make right on those with some reg freebies.

willy led wonka

im starting to notice bananas on my SSOG these days and im getting a couple of seeds per harvest--which i dont mind. I know they are just fems of itself. I love my cherry og and have 2 seeds left of my original RPK seeds also. They are 4-6 inches tall right now. Were your RPK's heavy or light feeders. Cherry feeds heavy for me.


Email Sent. Thank you for your offer. It's awesome when breeder's stand behind their products...Not all do. Props. Keep up the good work guys!
P.S. I realized I forgot to add pics of the RPK to the email. Let me know if you would like those and I can resend.

The RPK were moderate to heavy feeders for me. I started to push them more on my second run...weeks 3-5 of flowering I bumped up my base nutes more than average and they loved it. My RPK also likes lots of calmag all the way through flowering...Especially weeks 3-5. I also gave them some extra of nitrogen weeks 3-4 which ended up keeping them green all the way through even after a 14+ day preharvest flush.
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