Ethanol Winterization Issue

Hi mates.

Ive recently been experiencing with a new solvent for winterization because it is really hard to obtain Everclear where i am. I have used everclear before and have had some very good results but lately the stuff that i have been obtaining with this all natural ethanol boggles my mind. Heres a quick rundown of what i did and will include pictures below.

- blasted 4oz of Sensei Star nugs in PVC tubes using 4x cans of cooled down colibri butane (2 tubes)
- water bath evap @ 110' for approx 1:15 mins (very hot/humid outside )
- slowly poured all natural 87% bio ethanol until extract almost fully submerged and dissolved ( didnt stir , self action ~15mins)
- freezer 48 hours
- filtered and poured into another water bath until extract was fully clear and inactive @ 110'. This took about an hour
- yield : ~9% 9.8gs

As you can see in pic 1- it is not see-through and leaves fingerprints. It is absolutely NON sticky though. Thats the weird thing. I can mold it but its hard i need to apply a bit of force and it will eventually snap. (pic 2). I can pull a small piece off and cut nice stable non sticky dabs. (pic 3) The taste is succulent it is very smooth and even leaves a sugary taste down the throat. But there seems to be a soft coating around it on which i leave my fingerprints.

Have you guys ever made soft snap shatter like this ? Or what is this even ?



IMG_0216.JPG IMG_0219.JPG IMG_0220.JPG
I forgot to add that even if i toss this in to the Vaccum purge , no matter how long (ive tried 8 / 12 / 24 and 48 hours) it will somewhat turn a bit clearer , but will still hold that imprinting coating around it. I dont have pictures unfortunately.


Well....the FIRST thing I notice is that you are blasting in PVC tubes. Which I have always heard was not a good thing.

My second thing.....which is more of a, how old are the nugs?

While I have never used I can't speak to that too much. I have used everclear before, and I have seen things come out dark, if the initial bud/trim, was a bit on the older side.
Hi celtic.

The nugs are pretty young. They were cut and dried and i picked em up about a week after dehydration was done.
I'm with Celtic on this one about the PVC..I'd suggest glass or stainless steel..I have a friend who runs a lot and he used the same PVC for awhile..well I brought over my micro meter and his tube was just over a 64th" smaller after 6 or 7 cans..which tells me the tane is slowly eating it away..not much but enough to make the difference..purging won't do shit lol
From your process description, I infer the sweet taste and softness is due to retained ethanol.

Ditch the PVC. It isn't chemically compatible with butane or aromatic hydrocarbons like the terpenes.

You can add the ethanol as soon as the pool stops bubbling. I do so with the ethanol warmed to around 150F and mix well, before filtering and placing in the freezer for 48 hours. The warm ethanol will keep the puddle viscosity low enough for the butane to escape.
Hi everyone.
What is the best ratio kg of extract to liters of ethanol? First I try 1:3 and after winterization, filtration and alcohol removing with rotovap I get the CBD percentage twice smaller than it was in CO2 extract.
Can someone help me?
Hi Greywolf,. Thanks alot for the insight , i will warm up my ethanol for the next run. I can already picture how it will help.!! Regards, Jugg
I'm about to do the same as for ethanol. Can you use the drug store 95% Ethanol rubbing alcohol? What kind are you guys using for winterizing?