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Day 10 of flower as of now.

Thought ide give a little info on the strain and what its like in the end

very good hardy plant easy too grow and maintain, you dont need to do to much bottom trimming, bottom buds are not the typical bottom buds, deffinatly good for novice and pro alike expecting bangin yields with this one, short to medium height depending on pheno bean, stocky and bushy, tightly packed internode spaceing, nice even branching structure...very pleased with this strain so far. ive grown it before couple yrs back and miss it, so i bought another pack. The pheno i had then was a heavy heavy producer with tight rock hard buds (some say too hard), very resinous, and smelled of deep earthy wooden spice, the high was intensely overwhelming within minutes and heavy locking stone deffinatly for serious smokers. im hoping that i land another pheno similar to the one i had in the past here.

Shes very hardy with the nutes and handles everything you throw at it and keeps stackin buds, magnesium HOG too, so give it lots of cal-mag or just more mag, shell deffinatly let you know she need more.

Here some pics @ day 10 ill update every 10 days or so with some more photos.
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