Ewok and Alien Rock Candy...Sun Grown!

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perfect plant time CGK, super full moon tonight... nice timing, i'm still waiting on my Alien gear:eek:


Fear Not!
Today is a good Day :)

100% germ rate

All 27 seeds have popped :D

Logic and Alien sent me 15 Alien Rock Candy seeds! :)
and 12 Ewok!



I was excited and I forgot to take a photo of the 12 EWOK tails :rolleyes:

here they are in their pots though :)


Bout 78* 62% humidity in my bedroom. They are on my dresser under four 4ft. t5s
In 3x3x3in pots filled with Happy frog,
I washed the soil out a bit with well water and a fews drops of superthrive.

You guys didn't think I was gonna put them outside right away did ya? ;)


Fear Not!
thanks you guys! :) Glad to have ya along for this ride..

This is the hardest part for me...waiting for them to come out of the soil..:(
I don't put them very deep...1/4in 3/8in max..hope the soil on top doesn't dry out and then dry the seedling out.:confused:
But I dont wanna water it for a day or two...maybe a mist on top?
how long till they show their little heads?

Edit; I just checked...nothing yet.;)
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