For Sale Exotic strains available!!

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Hi y’all! Got some beautiful clones available of some great genetics. All clones have came from tissue culture and are F1 cuts!! Each strain has its own special quality’s that you do not want to miss out out !! Cant wait to share these absolute winners with you guys!!

1) jelousy x gelato 🍧
-Jealousy is a hybrid strain made by crossing Sherbert Bx1 with Gelato 41.
Great terpenes! Killer trichomes. Strong purple color.Jealousy was originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

2) banana runtz 🍌
-Banana Runts is a hybrid strain made by crossing Banana OG with Runtz.
Real nice banana flavor with a gassy runtz after taste. Strong terpene and great bag appeal. High yields as the buds with this strain are real nice and dense!

3) Oreoz breath 🍪
-Oreoz breath is a hybrid strain made by crossing Oreoz with kush breath! High yields and great bag appeal. And let me tell you, this might just be one of the most frosty strains we have done ! Beautiful trichomes on this strain.

All three variety’s available now in 6inch soil pots! Roots are absolutely booming!!

Dm me for details!! Shipping Monday, I will guarantee/insure all orders!
Exotic strains available


Hello sir would you please let me know more ? I’m a new grower on my second flowering now .
Would love to have them for ready before summer but I don’t know if I can afford them .😅
Beautiful work thanks for sharing .
Peace ✌️
Below my current flowering 😊
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