Fabric pots and watering... I'm probably overthinking it.

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So I'm putting a few of my ladies in 15 gallon fabric pots outdoors, and I'm having a hard time telling when they are fully saturated. Do you water till it leaks out the sides, till it pours out? Do you wait for the droop to water again? This is new territory for me and I'm second guessing my decision to use fabric pots all together. I know many love them, so I'm hoping for some guidance.


You have to water much slower as it will just leak out if you try and do it quick, especially if your soil is dry. But yeah you want to water until you’re getting runoff out the bottom. If you elevate the pot, it’s easier to see if it’s actually running out the bottom. The pot dries out a lot quicker then plastic (or in the ground) so kind of hard to over water, and I’d be many concerned about it drying out. Might want to use plain water for a few minutes and then use your feed water as you’ll get a fair amount of early side leaking. (In the larger fabrics I’ve found that if you have a companion plant (like a tomato seedling) it helps as an indicator. When the seedling starts to wilt, you know the pot is drying out.)
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