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Just wanted to get some feedback on how's my progress is going as this is my first grow session. Seeds was given to me by a buddy so unsure of strain but looks like sativa and indica mix.

I had some hiccups thus far. Had some issues with fighting fungus gnats and underwatering my plants for a bit. They seem pretty healthy now though.

These babies are about 40 days into vegging. Just transitioned to 12/12 light cycle a few days ago. I trimmed the bottom 1/3 of the plant before switching light cycle but I feel like it could use more trimming since they are so packed together. Any thoughts on that?

Unsure Strain of Seeds
Grow Tent -32' X 32 X63'
300W LED Light for the first 20 days. Then upgraded it to Mars Hydro TS1000 lighting
Light Cycle Was 18/6 | Now 12/12
Median - Fox Farm Ocean Forest
4" Exhaust Fan
2 Fan
Inside Tent for Airflow
Water with 6.8 As Needed when soil is dry along with Fox Farm Nutrients Feeding Regiment when plants were about 25 days old. 2X A Week w/ regular watering in between
Humidity Average 55%
5 Gallon Bucket With Holes Drilled At Bottom


Thanks For Your Time Reading!


You could use a little more trimming, especially where leaves overlap. When overlapping leaves touch each other, you'll get water on your leaves, which can lead to fungus.


like he said, could use some more trimming/training- those plants are already taking up all the space, and they are going to stretch some and grow like crazy these next few weeks. I would try to spread them out- maybe a second scrog net/ work more with the first one... my goal would be to try to get everything to be about the same height if that makes sense. great job for your first go though- they look really healthy
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