Feeding plants that apparently dont need to be fed

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So, I have an outdoor grow that is in some amazing soil. It is about 40 yards from a lake, I had a bunch of cat tails brush-hogged to clear the land. The soil is PITCH BLACK, smells a little poopy. Straight 6.2 pH. Just amazing soil.

Anyway, the water table is high, maybe 14-16 inches down. So for these plants, I cut open all the bottoms on 40 gallon fabric pots, with straight compost and perlite in the pots.

I watered them while they were small and still developing roots in the pots, just until roots got into the ground.

Now, I haven't watered them in 6 weeks, and it has rained maybe twice, and they are some of the healthiest plants I've ever seen.

Anyway, at this point, I know for sure that they dont need me to water them.

But I have a bunch of really goot flower nutrient and PGR and bud hardener I want to use, to avoid having that "outdoor bud".

I have done one top dressing of Jack's soluble stuff, I figure just let it sit on top of the ground and let it get rained down on. Even though I'm 40 yards from the lake, I have to fight through thick thick brush to get to it, and the coast is so shallow, I tried using a gas powered water pump to draw, but to no avail. Watering has meant me buying 60 gallons of distilled from kroger and bringing it in and making tea on site

My thinking is, no matter how good the soil, they can get nuked during the flower stage with 2200ppm feed once a week, and that will dense out my buds. Any suggestions questions or comments welcome
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2200ppm??? (a tad high perhaps?)

I think the situation you've describe would be perfect for Jobe's or some other brand of tomato plants spikes, good luck!
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