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Been lurking a bit for a few weeks. Somehow found the forum looking for info on Loompa‘s UD, and discovered a shitload of great info and excellent growers.

...also some trolls and wankers, but hey... to be expected just about anywhere on the internet lol.

About 10 years ago I ran a big greenhouse ranch in Southern Humboldt, and before that did tons of work for various indoor growers around the area. Grew mostly HB/SD/OG on the ranch... coco-based, 20-30 gallon fabric pots, CES nutes, botanicare CM, topdress w guanos, compost tea, and almost daily foliar (in veg). Pulled a couple staggered deps and a full season each year. Had a 10-light garage to veg and clone in. Was super fun, great work for a dude in his 20s who loves herb. It was also a SHITload of work lol. Like 18 hour days during the harvest seasons. Basically, the older hippy who established the ranch was tired of running it and wanted to have a family in town, so I got to run it for 5 years.

When I first started running this ranch like late 2000s they were still running some fruity stuff... some super frosty, insanely productive Bubblegum a friend brought over from Michigan. Trimmers loved the BG; good runs they could trim 3-5lbs a day... like a chill 8-10 hour trim day too!! And like this was boutique level trim job. We sold as indoor and I checked multiple times a day on the trimmers to make sure the bag appeal was top-notch.

Starting 2010 or so the SD/OG demand seemed to really pick up from the east coast, so just ran SD/OG. Plants were pinched and staked; hand-watered everyday, or sometimes 2x a day. Usually they finished as 4x4’ or 6x6’ bushes — any bigger and it became tough to really tend to and inspect the ladies.

I wish I knew where the SD cuts came from one year... they had these beautiful little round calyxes, took forever for them to finally finish but my god when they did... like the sweetest jetfuel candy I’ve ever tasted. I’d love some candy SD like that again.

I wanna say like 2013ish GSC was getting popular enough we could potentially do a large run of it. (Lol we had a lot of bigass greenhouses... a few 32x150’). Unfortunately, I never did a big run of cookies. The best stuff I grew were these 6 little Animal Cookies for my head. Left them in 3 gal pots, huge internode spacing, mostly 3-fingered leaves, tiny dense silver purple nugs.... let them go suuuper long. I forget exactly when I took them down but they’d been up in the giant greenhouse alone in a storm. Pretty much like how emperor penguins huddle to try to survive the Antarctic storms... these 6 skinny but beautiful ladies. Smelled like vanilla hash cookies when smoked. Insanely potent... was told by a few who I shared it with to enter it in some cup that year but I only had like a 1/2lb of it.

I’d also love a small, finicky, dense vanilla-fuel cookie lady. Maybe that’s just nostalgia, though. Regardless, any breeder recs or IG’s to check out? There’s so much cookie stuff out there now that I have almost no idea how to begin....

So, flash forward to today. The Southern Humboldt days feel long behind me, and I’ve been involved and working in the music industry for the last years, but I just got a 750w Gavita for $50 and I feel like a kid again :D I’m looking to grow in a 4x4’ or 4x8’ (I actually got two 750w Gavitas, but I think one should grow more than enough for my own head).

I feel like I’d like to run similar to how I learned to do things on the ranch — coco-based, tea, guano, fabric pots. Seen some forum grows with similar styles and seems to work pretty fkn well indoors. I’m not really interested in a 5-part advanced wizard penis nutrient line, although I suspect in the future I might be. Anyways, it’s fun to feel like a total beginner. Seems like I should be able to pull >1lb out of a 4x4’ 750w gavita, and with some dialing, >2lbs or so.

But will always pull <3

Welp, that’s it! I gotta gtf back to work.
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