Fertilizer and R/O tds #'s if using FF bloom and grow big.

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I'm trying to get an idea if the ppm or tds for ro fert mix in gal jugs. Im roughly 2 weeks in to veg. Im nervous since finding out ocean forest can be hot and burn younger plants. So I wanna make sure I'm not overfeeding or watering. Also if I'm using RO should I add cal-mag every time? I'm only growing 1 atm, it's OG Kush. I'd like to keep the plant as short and bushy as possible du to my tent being small.

Tent is a 2x2x4&1/2
Soil--Ocean Forest, mykos xtreme when transplanted
Light--1000W LED, At 50% dim, 22 in away, on 18-6.
Pot is a 7 gal fabric (yes, I realized it was over kill.)
Fan is a 4 in inline with carbon filter.
Temp stays 75-78
I've been watering just the immediate area of the plant, will gradually water more as it develops.
20220106 151525
20220106 151511
Screenshot 20220106 132033 PPFD Meter


Little fert burn on some leaves pretty standard, there big enough if they were going to burn they would have.
Add more food during watering start slow see how plants react. They look good ready for more food.
Start slow. You probably could not feed until flower, but also could give them a boost.

Up to you, me I would add a little then keep a eye on them.
People love that cal mag at first sign of flowers.
I will let others chime in about that.
I do not use it much. Limited knowledge on it.
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