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Toker Ace

Toker Ace

I've done some fiberglass work too, and while it would be obvious if somebody chopper-gunned your buds, there are lots of smaller fibers and fillers used in that industry that could give just an effect as stated. Microspheres and silica are two that come to mind.

Surely the urban scare legend gets a lot of mileage beyond reality, but still makes me realize how fortunate some of us are to know the quality of our meds better, especially in cases where it's desperately needed for quality of life.
It makes sense to enhance appearances but a gallon size baggie of the superfine glass weighs about nothing. Glass that would add appreciable weight is called sand. I'm four years from smoking street/dispensary weed. I know I've smoked some contaminants in my day but what are you going to do? I'm going to twist up one out of some shitty ol' Colorado homegrown that I nurtured from day one.


Recently I was talking to someone in a canna bakery and brought up some flowers I got a few weeks back that look incredible but left an odd feeling after exhale. Nothing I've experienced in my years of smoking.

He told me some shady growers recently have been caught spraying fiberglass in buds to make them look frosty.
This was kind of scary and an eye opener.
After returning to the shop those flowers came from and asking ?'s the bud tender told me they won't be getting that or anything else from that grower but wouldn't say why.

Has anyone else heard stories like this? Any truth to it?

The shop these buds came from was in garden grove ca.
I heard from a very reliable source that someone he knew claims he used to spray bud when it was just starting to grow with fibreglass and the bud grows over it and adds weight to it


How do you spray buds with fiberglass? And why? Weighs nothing. Looks? What shitty pot grower has powdered fiberglass laying around and not a bag of sugar?

I've seen tons of contaminants in dispensary weed (exclusively dispensary weed, aside from some feathers, cherrios, cat hairs) but fiberglass? Nope. The hydro store has lots of shit that will ruin your bud to make it look "frosty", you can vape a lot of peoples buds and watch half the resin melt while the other half remains as hard fibers,but its not fiberglass. And weed doesn't grow over fiberglass in an undetectable way. It's be just like the cherrios and cat hairs you find in hippy bud.

Not saying people havent done it Im just saying with all the dumb shit I've seen done to buds that would make them feel like smoking poison, since moving to AZ, fiberglass is not one of them. I've seen people admit to grinding up scheduled psych drugs in water before, so anythings possible in this fucked up world of greedtards
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