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Initially, I have a room. Used pressed bubble wrap with mostly staples and shoo goo. Have a good seal for CO2 usage.
Built a table for 8x4 tray. Started out using my standard HPS setups. Started out well, but slowly but surely, every single one simply yellowed and died.

So many seedlings, nearly 90 never made it. So I needed to make some changes. One big one was switching over to 315CMH light setups. I knew this is what I wanted.

I always believed that reflection was a serious problem that needed to be addressed. But seemingly I used Orca brand reflection liners like I have in the past. Plants immediately started wilting and almost lost a few. Within moments....! So that was out, now i had nothing in mind and reached out to this site for HALP.

You will see me struggling with trying to blacken out room with black plastic. Then hung cheap ol aluminum foil on certain flat areas.... then bingo, foil made a difference on all sides of plants, without yellowing! Cool!

So I finally made a decision to use Vivosun Diamond liner, since the light manufacturers were the same company... but alas a 6 day WAIT has caused practically zero growth.

So I finally got the liner. And am still in awe of the results! Basically the liner breaks up the direct Ray's from bulb, spreads evenly down sides of plants now.

That has just happened. So the following recommendations from my personal experience is the following..(basically it's the final results that worked for me)

1-Change bulbs from 3100k to 4200k for vegging. Bluea made a big difference. "Reds for Flower" and "Blues for Vegging. "

2-Reflective walls. This is a must, if anything this takes out any questionable problems there. Personally used the Vivosun Diamond with the Vivosun lights and bulbs.

3-Humidity, and ample amounts available. O yes, along with a dehumidifier too.

4-AC equipment. Here I have duel 1.5 ton units in room. Switch every month. Have another thread that should be looked at before your purchase. (Keep expectations with controls LOW)

5-CO2. This is an option I have taken. A PPM Controller to keep up with that. Start out between 1200 and 1500ppm.
Also have a 2 burner propane box. Made for producing only PPM CO2.

6-Tempertures. That's where things get but I started using a 10 dollar laser temp gun. Then you need to keep temps on leaves in the 78° range. This might not be so easy.

With the fellow contributors I believe I have made the right decisions here. Plants seem to love the changes. Also have a low profile table and tray is needed, to lift and lower lights with a whole lot less heat!!!

So to see whole affair, check out that ridiculously long thread, go to last page and worked backwards, you will see pics there. Or just start with the same date as today, just the fundies of getting to this date of this thread....

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