Here I have 3 phenos, #1 is Fire leaning, #2 is Bubba dom, and #3 looks to be a nice mix of both...exactly what I was hoping to get from my pack, I gots from 3 beans. I think they should be ready to flip in a couple weeks, was hoping this weekend but still a bit small...especially the Bubba pheno.
Hey JH420, looks like your off to a great start bro. keep pushing them ladies and youll be in for a suprise! as far as pheno combinations go, u really cant ask for much more imo anyways. good luck and keep me posted!

Steve Z

firebubba is my #1 to get strain from raskal. f whitefire haha its getting played out i want that firebubba. hope to GOD he makes more.

looking good man. i envy you lol.
Thank ya for droppin by my brothas. Check the weirdness of the Fire pheno, she has 2,3,4, and 5 blade leaves...even the mom plant is sportin mature 3 blade leaves.

Steve Z

damn and she didnt start to flower or anything???? that is weird.....
Hey JH420- The drop in leaf blades has been happening to me more and more lately, or maybe just been noticing it more lol. either way i have confirmed IME, its from taking them out from under my flouro's 24/0 too 18/6 1000 hps. Even if its only a week under 18/6 its still enough too trigger.

The shorty FB#2 is def close to pure BUBBA KUSH IMO! Also your FB# 3 looks very close to my taller pheno( does it have a lighter green color, shine too it like the chems?). tear it up bro,gl.
^I dunno about the dropped leaves, I think they are easily overfed...not an expert opinion though.

Yeah #2 I think will be straight Bubba, #3 has Bubba leaves/OG structure and yes it's a lighter green...I have highest hopes for #2 (she did remind me of your pheno even though way behind).
I should have been more clear my bad, i meant drop in the # of leaf blades, from ex. 7 blades or 5 too 3 or 1. IME it was from dropping my light schedule-24-18. atleast i thought earlier u were talking about this? if not nevermind lol.
OK last day of veg today....56 days for pheno 2 & 3 and about 2 weeks less for pheno 1 (fire pheno). Group shots then 3rd & 4th pics are Fire pheno then #2 (bubba) and #3 (intermediate)...
Looking good bro, yea i agree if your out of meds flip them bitches! u can always back yourself up with vegging another round in mean time. i know how it is to be out of smoke not fun. as always stay safe!
ill bet you end up wit 3 keepers! and they do look happy, healthy.
I do believe you'd win that bet! It's lookin promisin I tell only problem with Raskal's gear is getting too many keepers. I hope that Fire pheno brings some straight OG goodness. Next pics at around 3 weeks, when the strech ends.
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