First breeding project - have some questions.

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So basically, I have these plants that are about a month ahead of some other seedlings. Afghan mix from RSC.

Plant 1:
Tall male that is pretty stretchy, but just recently started smelling like aqua di gio cologne. Like this beautiful bright citrusy sandalwood smell.

Plant 2:
Female that has pretty much been praying the entire grow, had a strong eucalyptus scent at like 2 weeks old that stuck in my nose, now smells like really loud cedar-y, slightly mentholated zest.

Plant 3:
Short squat male, smells like tennis balls and semi-cooked pork. Can't really tell, but has super trippy, fat caterpillar, alice in wonderland leaves. Shape is almost like a trophy, or a trident? The bottom lowers really are growing up and seem very strong. I kind of like the structure because I figure it'll probably bush out pretty well for a tent/trellis. Also has some very very dark purple male preflowers.

My first issue is this: I had considered the short squat male the entire time, until this tall guy started smelling so amazing. So now I have to decide I guess.

My second issue is this: I have several other plants a month behind...While they're growing up, I was going to flower my short male, collect pollen, then start the females after male stops dropping so they dont get pollinated, and still hopefully flower them in the same room. Eventually, taking that collected pollen, and pollenating a branch.

Is there a way to keep another male in an apt? Could I start flowering both, then before they drop pollen, move one male into a tent in the living room with a shoplight and then collect the pollen there? I figured I could just keep it zipped up and only open to water like once a week, then spray everything with water.. I just dont wanna bother if its just guaranteed to cross pollenate.

I feel like this was a little rambly and disorganized haha. Any insight would be appreciated.

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