First DWC Adventure Need Feed Back and Advice

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I am blessed enough to have an incredible hydroponics supply store near me so I picked up some Orca and some GH Root growth formula (the little bottle) at the recommendation of the people working there. The ORCA was something I was considering anyway so I added 2ml to my ~3 gallons of water. My plant continues to look much better today, leaves are quite a bit perkier. Some of the larger fan leaves have a slight yellowing to them with some faded brown spots. I am chalking this up to the root distress. Thoughts on ORCA?

As I have been applying the Double Hydro guard solution for 3 days now and my resevoir is getting quite full about a half a centimeter above the bottom of the net pot. It seems to be helping, but I don't think I want to raise the water line anymore. Thoughts?

As an aside the new root growth has been exponential but there are still small signs of light infection (brickish colored specks on small sections of older roots). Should I continue to excise the infected portions?
Lots of questions, but moving in the right direction. I've always found that if you arent asking questions, you arent learning.
A pump and filter helps remove all that. But eventually, the hydroguard will take care of it. I don't run a filter no more since I figured out how to prevent root rot.

But yes, massage them roots lightly if they are slimy. The slight spots won't matter. Also if there is a spot where they are clumped together, loosen them up a bit by massaging.


The root messaging and other interventions seem to be working wonderfully. She has perked up a ton, at this point she is going on four weeks and should be in a pre-flowering stage as far as I have read. There do appear to be some small doubles hairs at the nodes which inclines me to believe she is a she. What should I do nutrient wise now that she is in pre-flower? Should I change anything at all?
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