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Hey farmer fam new to indoor growing here and I got 6 strains (yes I know this will be more work) under my 240 watt kingbrite QB and I ordered a second. FFHF and transplanting into 3 gal fabric pots of purple cow organics indicanja. I have roots organics terp tea bloom dry nutrients and recharge. Running some mykoz mycorrhizae when I transplant. 4 inch ac inphinity exhausting and having a passive intake. Any advice or input would be welcomed. I’ll be updating this grow as I go but if you have any questions fire away. Still need to string my scrog but it’s not a priority right now and my second light is on the way! These ladies were a bit behind due to the cheap Amazon light and slight under/overwatering I did but I’m getting the feel and dialing it in and they seem to really love this light the growth is accelerating. Love this community I’ve connected with ppl all over the world it’s amazing much respect to all the growers out there!! 🙌🙏🙌
Blue OG
Blue hash
Purple ayahuasca
Amnesia haze
Ghost train haze
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Day 26 from seed and continued to LST and topped my biggest plant which is the BLUE OG. I will be topping the rest in a day or two these ladies were transplanted a couple nights ago and seem to be loving the extra space to grow and the new purple cow organic Indicanja soil. I also raised the power of my LED to 65%(from 55%) and moved the lights a little bit closer and they seem to be enjoying the extra light intensity. I will bump up the power as time goes and will be at almost full power by the time I flip to flower. Any advise or input is welcomed.

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